Published On: November 2, 2023

Plex Discover Together Feature Turns The Platform into a Social Hub

Published On: November 2, 2023
Last Updated on: November 3, 2023
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Plex Discover Together Feature Turns The Platform into a Social Hub

Plex users can now connect, share, and discover content with friends, thanks to the newly unveiled 'Discover Together' feature.

Plex Discover Together Feature Turns The Platform into a Social Hub

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In a move that significantly expands its role in the media streaming landscape, Plex has introduced its "Plex Discover Together" feature, turning its platform into a social networking hub for movie and TV enthusiasts. 

Previously known for its capabilities in organizing personal media libraries and offering free content, Plex's latest feature allows users to create profiles, connect with friends, and share their watching habits. After a year in beta, the Discover Together feature has now been made available to all Plex users.

The concept behind Discover Together is to transition Plex from being just a streaming service into a thriving streaming community. Users can now add friends to their Plex network, providing insight into what movies and TV shows they are watching, saving for later, and how they rate the content they've viewed.

Plex aims to leverage these personal recommendations to enhance its suggestions, engaging users in discussions about their favorite content and potentially positioning itself as a competitor to established online TV and movie communities.

Plex Discover Together Community.

Plex Discover Together feature is accessible through Plex's Discover tab, and offers four distinct sections:

1. Discover: This section provides an overview of trending content across Plex and your selected streaming services, as configured in the app's settings. It's a broader way to see what's popular and explore trending content by genre, among other things.

2. Profile: Users can establish their identity within the Plex community by setting up a profile, adding a profile photo, location information, a bio, and links. Friends can view the user's watch history, watchlist, and ratings. Privacy settings allow users to control who can see their activity and ratings related to Plex Discover Together.

3. People: In this tab, users can search for new friends by name, location, or shared interests, allowing you to expand your social network with people you either know, are nearby, or who like the same sort of content you do.

4. Activity: Similar to a social media news feed, this tab lets users track the activity of their Plex friends within Discover Together. They can see when friends have watchlisted items, marked items as watched, or commented on shows or movies.

On individual show and movie pages, users can see which friends have watched and rated the content, aiding in the decision-making process. Additionally, users can see when they've shared content to their network if anyone has commented on the movie or TV show with additional input — perhaps something like "excited to watch this," or "this wasn't as good as I hoped," as they leave their two cents.

To maintain user privacy, Plex offers multiple settings to control who can see their activity and content ratings within Discover Together. These settings include "Friends Only," "Friends of Friends," and "Private." Currently, there is no fully public activity within Plex Discover Together.

The Activity tab in Plex's Discover Together feature will help the platform suggest which shows are trending with friends this week, enhancing the user experience.

Plex's Discover Together has been in beta testing for a while, and during this period, the company has been refining and expanding the feature. The most recent update is now being rolled out to the broader user base.

Plex users can access Discover Together on Plex's website, its mobile app, and its TV apps for various streaming media players and platforms, including Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Google TV, Roku, and smart TVs from LG, Hisense, Samsung, Sony, Vizio, as well as on game consoles and tablets.

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