Polk Introduces New Omni S6 Play-Fi Speaker

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Polk-Omni-S6.jpgPolk has added a new tabletop speaker to its Omni line of DTS Play-Fi wireless audio products. The new Omni S6 ($350) places dual four-inch drivers, dual 0.75-inch tweeters, and a four-channel, 100-watt digital amplifier in a curved tabletop design that comes in a black or white finish. The Omni S6 has stereo pairing capability for use in a two-channel audio or home theater setup. Another new feature is the ability to directly connect an audio player via the S6's 3.5mm jack and wirelessly stream that content to all of the Play-Fi speakers around the house. The Omni S6 is available now.

From Polk
Continuing to expand its presence in wireless, multi-room audio, Polk Audio has announced its newest wireless streaming speaker: the Omni S6. Joining the Omni Collection, the Omni S6 (MSRP: $349.95) is ideal for medium- to large-sized rooms, and produces astonishingly loud, rich and room-filling sound for a single stereo speaker. The Omni S6 is the first speaker within the Omni Collection to support playing music via a 3.5mm jack directly to the speaker and re-streaming music to all of your Omni wireless speakers. Setup is quick and simple out of the box, and the new speaker features DTS Play-Fi technology for instant access to popular streaming music services, personal music libraries and Internet radio stations, which can be played anywhere in the home wirelessly from a phone, tablet or PC.

The Omni S6's curved transducer array produces vibrant, room-filling stereo sound by way of two 4-inch drivers, two 0.75-inch tweeters and a dedicated four-channel, 100-watt digital amplifier. New stereo pairing functionality enables two Omni S6 speakers to work in unison as a designated left and right channel. Polk built the speaker with the companies' proprietary Dynamic Balance technology--which uses specific loudspeaker materials that enhance overall audio output and limit sound distortion--ensuring the speaker delivers an authentic and immersive listening experience. To seamlessly fit into any room of the home, the design has the same warm tones, curved edges and premium materials found within the entire Omni Collection, and it exclusively features a flat backside so that it can be placed flush against a wall without inhibiting the sound. The Omni S6 comes in black or white options.

The Omni S6 can serve as a standalone speaker or connect with other products featured in the Omni Collection, including: the compact Omni S2 tabletop speaker, the compact and portable Omni S2 Rechargeable speaker, the Omni SB1 soundbar and wireless subwoofer system, the Omni A1 amplifier, and the Omni P1 preamp. Thanks to the DTS Play-Fi open ecosystem, users can mix-and-match with other speakers that leverage this technology to create a whole-home, wireless audio experience.

The Omni S6 retails for $349.95 and is available now for purchase. The black Omni S6 is available for purchase at Magnolia locations inside Best Buy, and both black and white wireless speakers are available at Amazon, BestBuy.com, Crutchfield, PolkAudio.com, and other select retailers.

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