Published On: October 3, 2009

Polk Introduces New Nearly Invisible In-Wall Speakers

Published On: October 3, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Polk Introduces New Nearly Invisible In-Wall Speakers

Looking for speakers that disappear into your walls - Polk Audio has a new solution for you from their Vanishing Series of In-wall Loudspeakers. Polk's new Vanishing series have a very limited baffle which really helps with

Polk Introduces New Nearly Invisible In-Wall Speakers

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Polk just introduced Vanishing Series, a technologically advanced lineup of in-wall speakers featuring low-profile cosmetics that are nearly invisible once installed. Vanishing Series speakers will provide dealers, integrators and installers with a compelling new way to offer superior Polk sound to their customers, in any sized installation.

"The promise of whole-house sound that you can only hear and not see has been finally realized with our new Vanishing Series," said Polk Product Line Manager Al Baron. "In-wall speakers are often a compromise not only for the ears, but for the eyes. We've designed Vanishing Series to be almost imperceptible to they eye once installed, but with tremendous sonic output. Consumers will love hearing this kind of sound without having to look at the speaker."

Polk's new Vanishing Series in-wall speakers are distinguished foremost by their nearly invisible cosmetics. The minimized bezels appear flush with the wall, and Polk's Miniature Perf grilles blend seamlessly with the wall. Magnetic grilles make installations fast and hassle-free, and are paintable for even more discreet integration into room decors.

Polk has produced a slew of technology innovations for the Vanishing Series speakers, with new tweeters, crossovers and driver designs employed throughout the lineup. Many models will also incorporate a newly-designed Polk PowerPort® for better bass response and higher overall speaker efficiency. Vanishing Series in-wall speakers will be available in the same cutout sizes as Polk's current models, making for an easy upgrade path for consumers and an easy transition for installers.

The Vanishing Series speakers, and all new Polk in-wall and in-ceiling models, are now covered by a new limited lifetime warranty. All in-wall, in-ceiling and built-in subwoofer speakers are guaranteed to be free from defects to the original purchaser for the life of the product. Says Polk's Baron, "The new warranty policy is a complimentary testament to the lasting quality of Polk custom installation speakers -- most of the original models are still actively pleasing listeners worldwide. We're proud to stand behind our speakers for a lifetime because we know they are built to last."

Prices for Vanishing Series in-wall speakers will ship in Q1 of 2010, ranging in price from $169.95 each to $619.95 each (SRP). A follow-up selection of in-ceiling models will be announced in January at the Consumer Electronics Show.

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