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• The SurroundBar 3000 offers a handy, compact remote, and the wireless subwoofer worked perfectly.
• The SurroundBar 3000 offers a versatile sound quality, with no big weaknesses and a pretty neutral, musical character balanced with good thump and pacing.

Low Points
• The SurroundBar 3000 provides no video switching.
• The SurroundBar 3000 does not decode Dolby Digital, DTS, or any HD music material.
• The SurroundBar 3000 sounds a bit too polite sometimes, lacking some detail, midrange speed, and low end slam over rock and electronic music and intense movie material.

Competition and Comparisons
If you are interested in comparing Polk's SurroundBar 3000 soundbar against its competition, be sure to read our reviews for Vizio's VHT-210 soundbar and Sony's HT-CT150 3D soundbar.  You can also find more information in our Soundbar section and on our Polk brand page.

The SurroundBar 3000 provides a solid amount of features and performance for an affordable price. The remote and wireless subwoofer worked perfectly and added a lot of convenience. The solid cosmetics and build quality allow it to function as a primary loudspeaker source with ease, and the rounded subwoofer edges and built-in rubber feet are great touches. It definitely lacks some things, namely video switching and a more sparkly sonic demeanor, but its value proposition is very competitive and will no doubt appeal to many.

Additional Resources
• Read more soundbar reviews by HomeTheaterReview.com's staff.
• Buy the SurroundBar 3000 from Polk Audio.  

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