Published On: September 7, 2023

Power and Precision: Lyngdorf's MXA-8400 Amplifier Arrives

Published On: September 7, 2023
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Power and Precision: Lyngdorf's MXA-8400 Amplifier Arrives

Meet the most powerful amplifier from Lyngdorf Audio, the MXA-8400, designed for the ultimate audio experience.

Power and Precision: Lyngdorf's MXA-8400 Amplifier Arrives

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Danish audio specialist Lyngdorf Audio has unveiled its latest and most powerful addition to the world of audio amplification – the MXA-8400 Power Amplifier, at the CEDIA 2023 event. This eight-channel powerhouse represents a pinnacle of audio engineering, featuring a fusion of Lyngdorf's PowerPerfect power supply design and Purifi's Eigentakt Class D amplification technology.

The MXA-8400 power amplifier marks a significant milestone for Lyngdorf Audio, being dubbed as "the most powerful Lyngdorf amplifier ever." With eight channels capable of delivering 8 x 400 watts of ultra-linear and stable power (at 4 ohms in 2-channel mode), this amplifier is a force to be reckoned with. Its power potential, however, extends even further, offering up to 4 x 800 watts at 8 ohms in Bridge mode.

Designed to work in tandem with Lyngdorf's high-performance multichannel processors, the MP-40 2.1 and MP-60 2.1, which can decode up to 16 output channels for immersive Dolby Atmos and DTS-X home cinema setups, the MXA-8400 could represent a powerful addition to home audio systems.

One of the main features of the MXA-8400 is its integration of Purifi's Eigentakt technology, renowned for its error correction capabilities resulting in "extremely low" distortion. This technology's objective is to produce an "incredibly neutral sound performance, with negligible audible noise" at any frequency and volume level. 

“The MXA-8400 is uniquely able to offer an exceptional solution to both the installer or home cinema enthusiast who needs reliable, powerful multichannel amplification and at the same time a top-performing HiFi product to be used in pure audio setups,” says Thomas Birkelund, Lyngdorf Audio CEO and CTO. 

“With the very efficient power supply and a state-of-the-art amplifier stage, the MXA-8400 encapsulates what Steinway and Lyngdorf products stand for – high performance and extraordinary experiences!”

To ensure that the MXA-8400 can handle its substantial power output effectively, Lyngdorf has developed the PowerPerfect power supply design, specifically tailored for this amplifier. This advanced power supply employs Channel Balancing Technology, integrated filtering, and multiple protection systems to overcome the limitations often associated with multi-channel amplifiers.

The MXA-8400's flexibility is further enhanced by its bridgeable output channels, allowing users to harness up to 4 x 800 watts per channel for four channels (in bridge mode, into eight ohms). Additionally, the amplifier offers a generous input count with its rear panel accommodating four pairs of XLRs, providing ample connectivity options for various audio sources.

“The MXA-8400 is the most powerful Lyngdorf amplifier ever, merging the benchmark-setting Purifi technology with our new PowerPerfect power supply resulting in unparalleled performance,” adds Roland Hoffmann, Lyngdorf Audio Product Marketing Director. 

“The MXA-8400 was designed with Lyngdorf MP multi channel processor owners and home cinema enthusiast in mind, who made an intentional choice to upgrade from integrated AVRs to best-in-class separates, creating the ultimate experience in their home cinemas and media rooms.”

Production of the Lyngdorf Audio MXA-8400 power amplifier has already commenced at the company's facilities in Skive, Denmark, with availability expected to start in November 2023. The amplifier is priced at £7,999 (around $9,900), positioning it as a high-end audio solution.

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