Published On: August 1, 2022

Pro-Ject Announces X1 B and X2 B Truly Balanced Turntables

Published On: August 1, 2022
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Pro-Ject Announces X1 B and X2 B Truly Balanced Turntables

Mini-XLR outputs offer fully balanced connections

Pro-Ject Announces X1 B and X2 B Truly Balanced Turntables

By Author: Mark Henninger

Two new handmade turntable models debut today. The Pro-Ject X1 B ($1299) and Pro-Ject X2 B ($1799) are the first two models offered by the brand that incorporate dedicated balanced mini XLR outputs. This design is meant for pairing with compatible phono preamplifiers to create a system optimal for moving coil cartridges if so desired.

So that the turntables are immediately usable, even without a dedicated moving coil cartridge preamp, the new models come equipped with a factory pre-installed Sumiko Rainier Moving Magnet cartridge.

For those familiar with the Pro-Ject lineup, the new truly balanced models bring this enhanced connectivity to the table for roughly a $100 increase in price. The existing X1 turntable lists at $1200 while the X2 has a $1699 MSRP.

The benefit of a balanced connection is its intrinsic resistance to noise and interference.

Feature Highlights

• 9“carbon/aluminum tonearm
• Electronic speed control with 33/45 rpm speed change
• Works with New Phono box S3 B & DS3 B
• New RCA phono & 5-pin mini XLR output
• New True Balanced Connection by Pro-Ject
• New dedicated mini-XLR output jack
• Pre-adjusted Sumiko Rainier MM Phono Cartridge

The X1 B and X2 B are rather similar turntables. The cost difference accounts for some upgraded specifications in the X2 B, like a slightly longer tone arm, a thicker platter, and a larger plinthe with greater overall mass: 22.05 pounds, versus 15.43 pounds. The result of these physical upgrades are slight improvements in speed variance plus wow and flutter specifications.

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