Published On: February 1, 2022

Pro-Ject Automat A1 Turntable: Going Fully Automatic

Published On: February 1, 2022
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Pro-Ject Automat A1 Turntable: Going Fully Automatic

Pro-Ject's latest turntable is plug-and-play, automated, and made in Germany.

Pro-Ject Automat A1 Turntable: Going Fully Automatic

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With the new Automat A1 ($499), Pro-Ject debuts a new line and offers its take on an "entry-level" model with fully automatic operation. Of course, by "entry-level" what Pro-Ject means is handmade in Germany by an established and experienced manufacturer. According to the company, 98% of this turntable's individual components are made or produced in Germany.

The Automat A1 offers fully automated, mechanical start-stop operation—a first for Pro-Ject, which has been in business since 1991. A key design feature is that the automation is designed so that the entire mechanism is 100% "disengaged and decoupled" from the playback components when the record is playing.

Pro-Ject's latest turntable is plug-and-play, automated, and made in Germany. 9b397c5d pro ject automat a1 automatic
A fully automated Pro-Ject

Equipped with Ortofon OM10

Pro-Jext's Automat A1 is good to go right out of the box. Don't mistake ease-of-use and accessibility for a lack of audiophile features or fidelity. This turntable has a solid wood (MDF) chassis and a damped platter, as well as a carbon-fiber-reinforced polymer headshell. It ships with an Ortofon OM10 and it has a ULM (ultra-light-mass) tonearm that's an intentional perfect match, with pre-adjusted tracking force and anti-skating.

Pro-Ject's latest turntable is plug-and-play, automated, and made in Germany. e9a77fb8 ortofon pro ject
Comes with an Ortofon OM10

It is a plug-and-play turntable designed to get new owners up and running in a matter of minutes. That means it comes with all the necessary components, from a semi-balanced RCA cable with low capacitance and effective shielding, to a built-in phono preamp that you can bypass, and dual speeds (33/45 RPM) that don't require changing the position of a belt, just push a button.

If you are turntable specifications savvy, the nitty-gritty details are:

Speed:33, 45 (electronic speed change)
Drive principle:belt drive, fully automatic
Platter:damped aluminum platter
Wow & flutter:33: +/-0,27%; 45: +/-0,25%
Speed drift:33: +/-0,75%; 45: +/-0,65%
Signal to noise:65dB
Tonearm:ultra-light-mass 8,3” aluminium tonearm
Effective arm length:211mm
Included accessories:15V DC / 0,8A power supply, dust cover, 7‘‘ single adapter, felt mat, phono cable
Power consumption:1.5W
Dimensions:430 x 130 x 365 mm (WxHxD)
Weight:5.6 kg net

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