Apple AirPods 3 true-wireless headphones

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The AirPods 3 deliver a pro-level performance The sweat-proof Apple AirPods 3 sport sport a compact design, but are loaded with convenient features. Apple's third-generation AirPods sport a streamlined design that's similar to their premium AirPods Pro . And that's not all the two models share in common. In fact, if you don't need active noise cancellation, these AirPods offer many of the Pro's strongest features. First and foremost is how brilliantly they work with your iPhone? - and all your other Apple gear. These AirPods don't come with ear tips, and fit like more like the original AirPods. But they are sweat-proof and they run on the same renowned H1 wireless chip as the Pro version. I've spoken to engineers at other companies, and they tell me this chip is a major achievement. Steady, high-quality connection to your Apple gear While the AirPods will play music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled phone or music source, the H1 chip makes pairing up with Apple devices even more special. A one-tap connection syncs up the earbuds to your iPhone?, and then you're automatically paired to other devices on your iCloud? account (like your Apple Watch?, iMac?, or iPad?). Personalized sound powered by Apple's H1 wireless chip Since these AirPods don't have ear tips, it is harder to create a noise-isolating seal. That lets more external sounds in, which can be helpful for staying aware busy areas. But I always warn that it will hurt audio performance. That's why Apple tweaked their Adaptive EQ for these AirPods - to account for the sound leaking in. Their special processing can sense how the AirPods fit in your ear, and make adjustments to the midrange and bass accordingly. The H1 chip features ten audio cores that can further control and customize the sound. A special amplifier drives a high-excursion driver to deliver the goods with clarity and low distortion. 3D movie sound for iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV These headphones also use head-tracking tech



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