KEF LS50C Meta TI ea Center Channel Speaker (Titanium Grey)


Last updated: 2021-11-29 03:37:25
Product Description

Innovative KEF center channel speaker Innovative Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT) absorbs high-frequency vibrations to eliminate distortion in KEF LS50 Meta speakers. The LS50C Meta is perfectly voice-matched to KEF’s LS50 Meta bookshelf speakers , so it can serve as the center channel in a home theater setup. It not only matches sound-wise, but it offers the same color choices, for top-notch visual appeal in your entertainment room. Revolutionary sound absorption This speaker gets the “Meta” part of its name from KEF’s new and innovative Metamaterial Absorption Technology (MAT). It’s a highly complex, mazelike structure that’s tuned to absorb unwanted sound coming from the rear of the tweeter. The resulting sound is clear, purer, and more detailed. Careful cabinet design The LS50 Meta’s extremely rigid cabinet uses smooth, curved surfaces that help the sound radiate outward without distortion. It also features a patented offset, flexible port for reduced midrange coloration. As with previous LS50 models, the cabinet uses a grille-less design to show off the cool-looking driver array. A room-filling “sweet spot,” thanks to Uni-Q? technology KEF’s patented Uni-Q technology places each speaker’s tweeter in the acoustic center of the bass/midrange cone. This lets the LS50C create a detailed and accurate three-dimensional sound image. Maximize your listening experience A sound system based on LS50 Meta can deliver truly incredible sound – in the right setup. We recommend 100 watts or more from a high-performance power amp or integrated amp . Proper speaker placement is also crucial to getting the best performance out of the LS50C Meta. Place it on a color-coordinated KEF S2 speaker stand to help eliminate unwanted vibrations and reflections. And few things add impact to your listening session like solid bass. Add a powered subwoofer to your stereo listening setup for hard-hitting, musical low end.

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