MAD Masters Series M23 HybridDigital Stereo Power Amplifier

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The NAD Masters M23 HybridDigital stereo power amplifier features Purifi's Eigentakt amplification technology - a once-in-a-decade amplifier innovation that will define the pinnacle of power and performance in the category for years to come. Building on NAD's longstanding tradition in identifying and developing cutting-edge amplification technology, the M23 provides nearly immeasurable distortion, ultra-high damping factor, and unconditional stability with any loudspeaker. Pure Sound, Incredible PowerThe Masters M23 HybridDigital™ Stereo Power Amplifier takes pure sound to new heights. 200 WPC of Purifi Eigentakt™ amplification provides nearly inaudible levels of noise, immeasurable harmonic and IM distortion, and the ability to hear micro-detail against a black background. The M23 has the ability to provide 2x260W of dynamic power into 8 ohms and 2x520W into 4 ohms. Its load-invariant design provides additional reserves of current when needed, allowing it to effortless power any high-performance system with amazing efficiency. Extreme low distortion, ultra-high damping factor and rock-solid stability with any loudspeaker make the M23 outperform predecessors in efficiency and reliability. FlexibilityEasily integrate the NAD Masters M23 Stereo Power Amplifier into a high-performance separate system with its single-ended RCA, balanced XLR auto-sensing inputs, three-position gain-control switch, and 12V trigger input. The M23 can operate in bridged mode, delivering 700W continuous power into 8 ohms. Two M23 amplifiers operating in bridged mode can be paired together, or listeners can combine the M23 with NAD's award-winning Masters M33 BluOS Streaming Amplifier, both operating in bridged mode, to configure a staggeringly powerful system with 700Wpc continuous output. FEATURES HybridDigital™ Purifi Eigentakt™ amplifier technology Continuous Power Output: 2x200W into 8 ohms; 2x380W into 4 ohms Dynamic Power Output: 2x260W into 8 ohms; 2x520W into 4 ohms Bridge



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