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A stunning sense of realism from a Revel masterpiece I had the pleasure of auditioning a pair of Revel F228Be floor-standing speakers prior to their launch. I came away from my listening session impressed by their three-dimensional soundstage and pinpoint imaging. Read on for a detailed look at this finely crafted speaker, along with my firsthand listening impressions. Revel’s special-edition F228Be features an elegant, three-way design that both looks and sounds fantastic (shown in High-Gloss Walnut). Exceptional dynamic range One mark of a great speaker is its ability to faithfully reproduce every detail of a musical recording, no matter now loud or soft. The F228Be excels at this – and then some. It can play whisper-quiet passages with subtlety and nuance. But it can also belt out super-charged beats and high-energy guitar or sax solos with zeal. The F228Be offers a wide dynamic range that rivals any of the top-shelf loudspeakers I’ve listened to in recent years. The magic all starts with the beryllium tweeter One of the secrets to the F228Be’s great sound is its uniquely designed beryllium tweeter. You may have heard of beryllium back in chemistry class (it proudly carries the atomic number 4 on its virtual nametag). Beryllium is several times stiffer than aluminum or titanium tweeter diaphragms. And it’s also super-lightweight, so it moves quickly and in a very controlled fashion – two key attributes of a high-quality tweeter. I found that the F228Be created detailed, neutral, and non-fatiguing sound – even at extended high listening levels. An acoustic lens waveguide for great sound in every seat One of the best attributes of the F228Be is its off-axis listening. The beryllium tweeter uses an acoustic lens waveguide, which helps it produce remarkably accurate sound, even if you’re sitting off to the side of the “sweet spot.” When you invite friends over to listen to these beautiful speakers (and trust me, you’ll want to), everyone in the room will enjoy t

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