Published On: August 24, 2010

ProntoTunes Application Creates Two-Way Apple Integration For Pronto Control Panels

Published On: August 24, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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ProntoTunes Application Creates Two-Way Apple Integration For Pronto Control Panels

A two-way controller for a slew of Apple applications has been developed in collaboration between Philips Pronto and the Australia-based The new controller allows its users increased ability to interface and use Apple digital media.

ProntoTunes Application Creates Two-Way Apple Integration For Pronto Control Panels

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Philips Pronto has joined forces with Australian developer to develop ProntoTunes, which provides two-way control over Apple iTunes, Apple TV, and Apple AirPort Express.

ProntoTunes's two-way interface application allows integrators a solution to control Apple digital media via Pronto control panels from anywhere in the home. Users can search through their library and play any of the available media using the scroll wheel. The application automatically discovers new media and integrates it into the users' media list. Cover art is displayed for the current playing file, whether it be music, movies or TV, and its SmartCache functionality stores large data so users will not have to wait for it the next time they return to that selection. The integration of ProntoTunes supports many functions that deliver the familiar feel of an iPod, making it an easy transition for users who are used to their iTunes control.

Once the application is downloaded, installers navigate to the ProntoTunes module and choose to pair the remote to the appropriate Apple solution. ProntoTunes automatically discovers other iTunes and AppleTV players on the network, offering the option to pair to them from the control panel. To ensure response time, ProntoTunes controls the AppleTV via IP, not IR, and a signal indicator on the control panel provides feedback of signal strength.

The application also enables multi-zone control over Apple products as zones can be switched and turned on/off directly from the control panel. Custom installers can assign volume controls to each library as well as zone and enable startup commands for when switching libraries (i.e. change amp input). The application also allows integrators to adjust most settings, such as: language, use of hard buttons, and audio control for multiple instances of Apple TV and Apple iTunes.

ProntoTunes was developed by third-party developer for Philips Pronto control panels. The company has also developed other Pronto modules such as ProntoPic, a digital picture frame application that works with Flickr and Picasa web albums, ProntoSqueeze, parental controls, and more.

ProntoTunes is compatible with TSU9400, TSU9600, and TSU9800 control panels and is available now. The module can be purchased for $50 with a valid Pronto serial number. Multiple licenses are also available.

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