PS Audio Juice Bar II Reviewed

Published On: October 22, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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PS Audio Juice Bar II Reviewed

Jack Lalanne would be proud that PS Audio learned the power and benefits of juicing. For home theater and audio enthusiasts there is always a need for another AC outlet and PS Audio delivers in ways Radio Shack respectfully can't with a robust power strip.

PS Audio Juice Bar II Reviewed

ps-audio-juice-bar-2.jpgYou gotta hand it to PS Audio for this thoughtful AC power product. A $199 power strip is something that nearly all of  us need in our systems. Unless you have a Middle Atlantic rack that has AC power receptacles (that you could plug into a power regenerator, like a PS Audio Power Plant Premier) down the back of each rack space, chances are you need a unit like the Juice Bar II as your system grows.

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• Find audiophile grade source components to plug into the Juice Bar II.

High Points
• The PS Audio Juice Bar II is nicely made, unlike the power strips that you buy at the big-box stores for more than they are worth.
• Eight receptacles allow for nice system flexibility.
• The unit doesn't try to do anything other than extend your power from the wall in a high-quality way.

Low Points
• I am struggling to come up with a low point on this product. If you don't need a power strip, then perhaps you need more components in your system?
• I guess you could pick on the name for being too cute, but I think it's a pretty relevant name and, once again, who cares what the thing is called if it works like a charm and gets the job done?

It's about time somebody made a high-end AC power strip. This product makes all the sense in the world and should be in most audiophile and/or home theater systems that need more AC power receptacles than the wall can provide.

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