Published On: September 14, 2023

PS Audio's AirLens: An Audiophile-Grade Streaming Solution

Published On: September 14, 2023
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PS Audio's AirLens: An Audiophile-Grade Streaming Solution

PS Audio's AirLens Streamer takes a unique approach to digital music, emphasizing galvanic isolation for exceptional audio purity.

PS Audio's AirLens: An Audiophile-Grade Streaming Solution

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PS Audio has launched its highly anticipated AirLens Music Streamer, aimed at providing audiophiles with exceptional sound quality from their digital music sources. This $1,999 device offers high-resolution streaming capabilities through popular platforms and can also access content from NAS storage devices and DLNA-compatible servers. Notably, the AirLens does not include a built-in DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter), a choice that has sparked discussions within the audiophile community.

The AirLens is designed for enthusiasts who prioritize sound quality above all else. It enables high-resolution streaming through platforms such as Roon, TIDAL, Qobuz, Spotify, JRiver, and Audirvana. Furthermore, it accommodates music playback from NAS storage devices and DLNA-compatible servers. It's important to note that the AirLens does not include an integrated DAC, a departure from the norm in this price range. 

Instead, PS Audio encourages users to consider their integrated amplifiers or DACs to complement the AirLens and optimize its sonic capabilities.

A standout feature of the AirLens is its galvanic isolation technology. This technology addresses the issue of unwanted noise that can be introduced via USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi connections. The AirLens physically severs the electrical connection between the input and output stages, using air as the interface. 

This approach ensures complete isolation and the delivery of noise-free digital audio signals. Additionally, the AirLens performs signal re-clocking at the output stage, resulting in marked improvements in audio resolution, timbral accuracy, and dynamic range.

PS Audio AirLens music streamer in silver, rear view.

“The secret of the AirLens’ exceptional sound quality is its galvanic isolation,” said Paul McGowan, PS Audio CEO. “Removing the physical connection between input and output stages eliminates the unwanted noise that can be introduced by USB, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi. The AirLens also perfectly re-clocks the digital signal. The result is a remarkable improvement in resolution, timbral realism, and dynamics.”

Connecting to your network is seamless, with options for Ethernet or Wi-Fi connections. The AirLens offers I2S and coaxial digital outputs for interfacing with an external DAC. 

This is particularly significant, as various sources of noise, including computers, extended Ethernet cables, Wi-Fi interference, modems, and routers, can contribute to increased jitter and a loss of audio fidelity. PS Audio's galvanic isolation technology effectively addresses these challenges by ensuring the transmission of noise-free digital audio signals.

The AirLens boasts impressive technical specifications, including PCM decoding capabilities of up to 32-bit/352.8 kHz and support for DSD up to 256 (4x). Its compact dimensions (10" x 7" x 1.5") and elegant design make it a versatile addition to any audio system. PS Audio's commitment to quality is reflected in the use of premium components and construction throughout the AirLens.

While the absence of a built-in DAC in the AirLens may raise questions, PS Audio's focus on galvanic isolation technology sets it apart. This technology eliminates electrical connections between input and output stages, ensuring a noise-free audio experience. 

Combined with its re-clocking capabilities, the AirLens promises jitter-free, pure digital audio—a feature that will resonate with discerning audiophiles.

Available in both silver and black finishes, the AirLens is now available for purchase at $1,999 through PS Audio's authorized dealers.

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