Published On: September 23, 2012

PSB Adds New M4U 1 and M4U 2 Models to Heaphone Offerings

Published On: September 23, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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PSB Adds New M4U 1 and M4U 2 Models to Heaphone Offerings

PSB has had a lot of success with the company's M4U headphones. Now the company plans to offer a more affordable model as well as new color options to entice new customers to give them a try.

PSB Adds New M4U 1 and M4U 2 Models to Heaphone Offerings

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PSB_M4U1_headphones_small.jpgPSB Speakers recently announced a more affordable version of its M4U headphone. The M4U 1 features the same sonic performance and comfort of PSB's first headphone but without amplified and noise canceling modes.

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Ergonomically, the new PSB M4U 1 still features a tangle-free cord and gyro-suspended ear pads. Easy folding for convenient travel and storage, the new PSB headphone also comes standard with a travel case and plug adapters.

According to PSB Founder and speaker designer Paul Barton, "Our first headphone the M4U 2 has enjoyed a fantastic reception since its introduction a year ago. One recurring request we have had though was to make a simpler version for those who primarily listen in quiet environments and/or may have their own headphone amplifier. For those listeners, the M4U 1 will give them the same great PSB performance and comfort but at a lower price. Of course, for some, headphones are as much about fashion as sound so they asked us to offer our headphones in exciting colors. For them, we are pleased to announce M4U models are now available in a variety of colors."

M4U 1 will be available in November in Baltic Gray or Monza Red gloss finish with high-gloss headband and brushed aluminum accents for $300 MSRP. Along with its current Black Diamond finish, M4U 2 will be available in Arctic White in November at the same $400 MSRP.

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