Published On: November 18, 2012

PSB Intros Imagine Series On-Wall Speakers

Published On: November 18, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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PSB Intros Imagine Series On-Wall Speakers

PSB has expanded the company's Imagine series of speakers with two new offerings. The Imagine W3 and the Imagine W1 will expand PSB's reach into the on-wall speaker market.

PSB Intros Imagine Series On-Wall Speakers

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PSB-Imagine-W1-On-wall-speaker-small.jpgPSB Speakers recently introduced two innovative On-Wall models for the company's popular Imagine Series. The inherent sound quality of virtually all flat panel displays is poor at best so the new PSB Imagine W1 and W3 are designed to provide simple, great-sounding audio solutions.

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The new low-profile W1 and W3 on-walls measure 3" deep. Finished in high gloss black, the industrial design and fit and finish of the new PSB on-walls will complement the finest displays.

The Imagine W1 ($599 MSRP) is a single-channel speaker that can be mounted vertically or horizontally and further utilized individually as a front left, center, or surround-sound speaker. W1 can also be used as a stereo pair for high-performance audio.

PSB-Imagine-W3-On-wall-speaker.jpgThe Imagine W3 ($1199 MSRP) combines left, center and right channels in one easy-to-install enclosure that can be wall-mounted or placed on a surface. The custom-designed drivers for each channel are sealed internally in individual chambers so they function as three discrete speakers.

The new Imagine On-Walls can be employed on their own or combined with other PSB speakers to create a customized Home Theater package.

Like all PSB Speakers, final voicing is performed by Paul Barton at Canada's National Research Council.

For complete ease of installation in mounted or free-standing applications, each speaker comes with a custom wall-mount bracket, pre-construction template and a tabletop stand. Available now, Imagine W1 will cost you $599 and W3 $1199, each.

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