Published On: September 3, 2020

PSB Speakers Announces Versatile PWM Series Speakers

Published On: September 3, 2020
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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PSB Speakers Announces Versatile PWM Series Speakers

The PWM3, PWM2 and PWM1 are all made to be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and each can be used for any channel in a surround system

PSB Speakers Announces Versatile PWM Series Speakers

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PSB Speakers has released its new PWM Series of versatile wall-mount speakers. The PWM Series includes three models -- the PWM3, PWM2 and PWM1 - each of which can be used for left, right, center or surround channels. All three models are constructed with dual-layer voice coils and proprietary 1-inch titanium dome tweeters. The entire PWM Series is available for purchase now.

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More on PSB's new series below:

PSB Speakers, long renowned for excellence in loudspeaker design, announced the immediate availability* of their PWM Series, a new range of high-performance wall mount speaker solutions. Three models comprise the series: PWM3 (US$2,499 ea MSRP) PWM2 (US$1,499ea) and PWM1 (US$799 ea). All can be utilized in horizontal or vertical positions for left, right, center or surround performance applications. Additionally, all three PWM models are offered in a choice of Satin White or Satin Black finish, to satisfy the most demanding design requirements.

Today's home audio applications call for solutions that traditional designs are simply not able to fulfill. Regardless of the installation, however, PSB believes performance should never be compromised. Carrying on its longstanding tradition of high performance and innovative design, PSB offers the PWM Series, a fresh range of on-wall speakers with renowned PSB natural sound.

The slim profile of the PWM models allow them to hug the wall and maintain a minimal visual presence. Their clean and simple lines complement virtually any design aesthetic. Each of the PWM models is only 3 1/2" deep and 6 1/2" wide and measure 28", 36" and 48" long for the PWM1, 2 and 3, respectively. A mounting bracket is included with each model and the Satin White or Satin Black finish with a soft magnetic, cloth grille complements any décor. While these models provide a visceral home theatre or music experience on their own, PSB's in-wall subwoofer options with matching amplifier can be employed should additional bass performance be desired.

Dual layer voice coils with powerful magnets and carbon fiber cones for exceptional detail, low distortion and superior power handling. The new proprietary 1" titanium dome tweeter is ferrofluid cooled and features a Neodymium magnet for high sensitivity and power handling. A wave guide on the front of the tweeter helps match the response of the tweeter near the crossover point with the woofer for a seamless transition.

Interior designers, architects, builders and system integrators will readily appreciate the elegance and highest performance levels offered by the Performance Wall Mount Series. The entire PSB family of products are tonally balanced providing the flexibility to seamlessly mix and match between on-wall, in-room, in-ceiling and in-wall PS models to suit the specific requirements of each application.

Beyond the visual appeal and ease of application is a sonic performance which lives up to the PSB heritage. Like all PSB speakers, final voicing is performed by Founder and Chief Designer, Paul Barton, at Canada's famed National Research Council. PSB's research has discovered how listener preferences can be integrated into a wide range of speaker designs for many different applications, yet all featuring consistent sound quality that is natural and lifelike.

"Following up on our long-time success of the PSB W1 on-wall, the PWM Series was conceived based on direct feedback we have received from the CI marketplace", commented Joe de Jesus, Lenbrook's Product Manager for Custom Installation. "Whether as part of a complete on wall system, a basic TV application or as an on-wall center channel solution for floor standing speakers; we believe the PWM models will exceed expectations in every way. These three PWM models have been created solely with the professional installer and their clients, in mind".

Key Features of the PSB PWM Series:

    • PWM models are on-wall speakers that can be mounted vertically or horizontally
    • Wall mount hardware for horizonal mounting will be included
    • Can be used for left, center, right or for surround speaker
    • Available in Satin White or Satin Black
    • Design and final voicing engineered by Paul Barton

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