Published On: December 9, 2015

Puro Sound Labs Introduces BT5200 Headphones with Volume Level Monitoring

Published On: December 9, 2015
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Puro Sound Labs Introduces BT5200 Headphones with Volume Level Monitoring

Puro Sound Labs has introduced a version of its Healthy Ears headphones for adults. The new BT5200 Bluetooth headphones include volume monitoring, with green, yellow, and red indicator lights to let you know when the volume is at a safe,...

Puro Sound Labs Introduces BT5200 Headphones with Volume Level Monitoring

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Puro-BT5200.jpgPuro Sound Labs has introduced a version of its Healthy Ears headphones for adults. The new BT5200 Bluetooth headphones include volume monitoring, with green, yellow, and red indicator lights to let you know when the volume is at a safe, questionable, or dangerously loud level. These over-the-ear headphones use 40mm dynamic drivers and incorporate the company's Puro Balanced Response curve for natural sound reprodcution, with noise attenuation that Puro says blocks 82 percent of ambient noise. The BT5200 will be available December 15 for $129.

From Puro Sound Labs
Puro Sound Labs has announced the expansion of their product line to include the first Healthy Ears headphones for adults. The new BT5200 studio-grade wireless headphones will follow the successful BT2200 line of studio-grade wireless kids headphones. The new BT5200 headphones feature improved audio quality and an advanced volume monitoring and interactive reporting system to guide users to safer listening. The headphones will be available for order at starting December 15, 2015, but you can reserve a set in advance on the Puro Sound website.

"How loud is too loud? How loud is safe?" With the introduction of the BT5200 studio-grade wireless headphones, Puro Sound Labs has the first solution on the market that answers those questions. Puro has implemented an industry first; an advanced volume monitoring and interactive reporting system, an adult version of our Healthy Ears technology.

Puro Sound Labs BT5200 headphones use an advanced microprocessor to continually monitor and accurately report the volume levels measured in decibels. The multi-colored LED indicator provides users with an interactive experience that will guide and educate them on the way to safer listening, for example:

GREEN (85 dB or less) = Go ahead and enjoy safe listening for up to to eight hours.
YELLOW (85 - 95 dB) = Caution, limit use at this level to no more than two hours.
RED (over 95 dB) = Stop, or limit to fewer than 15 minutes a day.

A critical part of the BT5200's Healthy Ears solution comes from the audio engineering that is in every Puro Sound Labs product. Pristine audio quality provided by unique frequency response curve called Puro Balanced Response re-creates the natural sound produced in a perfectly tuned listening room. This also includes best-in-class noise attenuation, blocking over 82 percent of ambient noise through thoughtful construction and supple earpads for a good seal to block out external noise, and a 24-hour battery life lets you listen for as long as you want.

With the superior sound quality displayed in Puro's headphones, there's no need to turn the volume up to hear dialogue or vocals, and with the LED volume monitoring, you'll always know how safe your listening level is.

"Long exposure to sound above 85 dB, like loud music, can cause noise induced hearing loss--a condition that is 100 percent preventable," said Claire Schultz, CEO, of the Hearing Health Foundation. "By allowing the user to see what level their sound is set at, they can more accurately adjust the sound levels appropriately and decrease their prolonged exposure to loud noise which will reduce the risk of premature hearing loss." Added Schultz. "The Hearing Health Foundation is excited to work with Puro Sound Labs to achieve the same goal of both educating and providing consumers with hearing-friendly solutions," said Schultz. To find out more about safe listening levels and how to prevent hearing loss visit

The new BT5200 are also designed with contemporary style and feature durable aluminum, which makes the headphones lightweight for extended listening comfort. The tough, anodized finish resists scratches and fingerprints, so the headphones retain their premium look for years of use. The folds-flat design and 24-hour playback time makes them perfect travel companions. The BT5200s from Puro Sound represent the best Bluetooth headphones on the market at this price point, and their performance rivals other top brands like Sennheiser, Bose, Beats, Monster, Bang & Olufsen, Skullcandy and Jaybird. The BT5200s also work with Apple and Android devices alike.

* Advanced microprocessor-driven LEDs indicate volume for safe listening levels
* Puro Balanced Response curve with 40mm custom dynamic drivers
* AptX codec brings CD-quality sound to Bluetooth listening
* Ambient noise attenuation: 82% @ 1 kHz
* Bluetooth 4.0 wireless and wired connections
* 24-hour battery life for music playback and 260 hours standby
* Lightweight, durable aluminum construction
* Comfortable protein leather ear cushions and headband
* Built-in high sensitivity microphone
* Folds flat for travel

* Hard Carrying Case
* USB Charging Cable
* Quick Start Guide
* 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable

"These headphones are the first Healthy Ears headphones for adults we are bringing to the market. They incorporate our signature Puro Balanced Response curve and outstanding noise isolation, which means you'll hear that perfect balance of sound for clear vocal reproduction, which reduces the need for increased volume. The audio experience of our BT5200 headphones most closely replicates the audio quality of a high-end home loudspeaker system," said Robert Emma, CMO of Puro Sound Labs. Adding that, "Our BT5200s offer our discerning adult consumers a premiere healthy hearing audio option that provides not only phenomenal sound quality but also style and functionality."

"My first thought was, it's about time," says Noël Thayer, a New York state-licensed audiologist. "I have begun to see more and more young people with noise-induced hearing loss in my practice, caused by high volume in headphones and earbuds. Before Puro Sound Labs introduced Healthy Ears headphones, there really wasn't anything on the market, particularly for teens, that addressed the issue," Thayer added.

The Puro Sound Labs BT5200s are currently available in Black/black and Tan/gold colors, and sales begin December 15, 2015, and are priced at $129. The headphones are available through

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