Published On: May 9, 2024

Q Acoustics 3000c Speaker Series Launched at High End Munich Show 2024

Published On: May 9, 2024
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Q Acoustics 3000c Speaker Series Launched at High End Munich Show 2024

Q Acoustics introduces its latest speaker series, the Q Acoustics 3000c, promising high-performance audio at an affordable price point.

Q Acoustics 3000c Speaker Series Launched at High End Munich Show 2024

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At this year's High End Munich Show, audio enthusiasts were treated to the unveiling of Q Acoustics' latest speaker series, the 3000c. Building upon the success of their previous iterations, the Q Acoustics 3000c series promises to deliver high-performance audio at an affordable price point. Here's everything you need to know about this exciting new range.

One of the main features of the 3000c series is the implementation of Continuous Curved Cone (C3) technology. This innovative driver design, first introduced in the award-winning 5000 series, aims to provide a fast mid-range response with controlled and powerful bass dynamics. 

By combining the advantages of a traditional straight conic cone with the midrange and high-end control of a flared design, Q Acoustics has created speakers that offer a convincing soundstage not typically found in this price range.

Q Acoustics 3000c - 3050c floorstanding loudspeaker series in all four finishes (Pin Oak, Satin White, Claro Rosewood, and Satin Black)

Q Acoustics 3000c Key Features:

  • New ground-up C3 (pronounced ‘C-cubed’) Continuous Curved Cone™ mid/bass profile ensures superior bass dynamics and smoother integration with the high frequency driver.
  • Based on design principles found in the newest Concept series, the hermetically sealed high frequency driver unit is mechanically isolated from the baffle, preventing modulation from the mid/bass driver.
  • Low colouration cabinets with P2PTM (Point to PointTM) bracing, minimising low-end reverberation to improve the stereo image and soundstage.
  • HPETM (Helmholtz Pressure EqualiserTM) tubes disrupt the build-up of standing waves, smoothing the frequency response and reducing distortion (3050c model only).
  • Boasts a clean and contemporary aesthetic with sophisticated satin metallic driver trims.
  • Available in four new finishes: Pin Oak, Claro Walnut, Satin White, Satin Black.

The Q Acoustics 3000c family consists of five models tailored to suit different preferences and setups. From the compact 3010c bookshelf speakers to the larger 3050c floorstanders, there's an option for every audio enthusiast. Additionally, the inclusion of the 3090c center channel speaker makes the series ideal for creating immersive home theater setups.

Q Acoustics 3000c Series 5.1 Speaker System for Home Theater in Satin Black and Satin White

Q Acoustics has spared no expense in ensuring that the 3000c series not only sounds great but also looks the part. The cabinets feature Point to Point (P2P) bracing to minimize low-end reverberation, resulting in improved stereo imaging and soundstage. The sleek design is complemented by satin metallic driver trims and four new finishes: Pin Oak, Claro Rosewood, Satin White, and Satin Black.

Beyond traditional stereo use, the 3000c series is also optimized for home theater setups. With two 5.1 surround speaker packages available, users can enjoy dynamic and clear dialogue while watching movies. The addition of the 3060S subwoofer or the more powerful Q B12 should ensure a truly immersive cinematic experience.

Moreover, Q Acoustics demonstrates its commitment to sustainability by introducing recyclable egg crate packaging, replacing traditional expanded polystyrene, thus reducing environmental impact without compromising product protection.

Bass unit1 x 101 mm (4.0 in)1 x 120 mm (4.75 in)1 x 142 mm (5.5 in)2 x 142 mm (5.65 in)2 x 101 mm (4.0 in)
Treble unit1 x 22 mm (0.9 in)1 x 22 mm (0.9 in)1 x 22 mm (0.9 in)1 x 22 mm (0.9 in)1 x 22 mm (0.9 in)
Frequency response (-6 dB)60 Hz – 30 kHz60 Hz – 30 kHz48 Hz – 30 kHz42 Hz – 30 kHz68 Hz – 30 kHz
Nominal impedance6 Ω6 Ω6 Ω6 Ω6 Ω
Minimum impedance3.6 Ω3.3 Ω3.8 Ω3.4 Ω3.6 Ω
Sensitivity (1 m, 2.83 Vrms @ 1 kHz)84.5 dB87.0 dB87.0 dB91.5 dB92.0 dB
Recommended amplifier power15-80 W25-90 W25 – 90 W25 – 150 W25-120 W
Crossover frequency2.6 kHz2.6 kHz2.7 kHz2.3 kHz3.0 kHz
Effective volume4.5 L6.9 L12.5 L41.6 L6.8 L
Dimensions (per speaker)254 x 155 x 251 mm279 x 175 x 281 mm324 x 205 x 329 mm1021 x 315 x 316 mm159 x 430 x 216 mm
Weight (per speaker)4.4 Kg (9.7 Ibs)5.5 Kg (12.1 Ibs)7.1 Kg (15.7 Ibs)18.4 Kg (40.6 Ibs)6.2 Kg (13.7 Ibs)
Q Acoustics 3020c Stand-mount loudspeakers in Pin Oak.

The Q Acoustics 3000c speaker series will be available from August 2024, with pricing as follows: 

  • Q Acoustics 3010c bookshelf: £329 / €399 / $399
  • Q Acoustics 3020c standmounter: £399 / €499 / $499
  • Q Acoustics 3030c large standmounter: £499 / €649 / $649
  • Q Acoustics 3050c floorstander: £899 / €1,199 / $1,199
  • Q Acoustics 3090c centre channel: £299 / €399 / $399
  • Q Acoustics 3010c 5.1 (2x 3010c/pair, 3090c, 3060S subwoofer), price TBC
  • Q Acoustics 3050c 5.1 (1x 3050c/pair, 1x 3010c/pair, 3090c, QB12 subwoofer), price TBC.

With its combination of cutting-edge technology, refined design, and accessible pricing, the Q Acoustics 3000c Series is poised to make a significant impact in the entry-level loudspeaker market. 

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