Published On: December 21, 2009

Q Acoustics Makes Advances In Sound For Flat HDTVs

Published On: December 21, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Q Acoustics Makes Advances In Sound For Flat HDTVs

Q Acoustics comes to market with their Q-TV product lineup including a 2.1 speaker system designed for today's HDTVs. While not as thin as options from Panasonic, Yamaha, Sony and Aperion, the Q Acoustics soundbar is a little more industrial in its approach

Q Acoustics Makes Advances In Sound For Flat HDTVs

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Q Acoustics just announced the release of 'Q-TV', an ultra discreet, amplified, 2.1 channel, stereo loudspeaker system, which reportedly improves the sound heard from modern flatscreen HDTVs.

Q Acoustics is a brand of Armour Home. Their category manager responsible for Q Acoustics is Tony Jones, he explained: "The whole Q Acoustics team is very excited about this new product because we think it's going to be an outstanding success."

He continued: "There are millions of large flatscreen televisions sold every year, but sadly, whereas everyone agrees the picture quality they produce has been getting bigger and better, there can be few who would dispute the sound they deliver has become 'thinner' and worse."

Mr. Jones explained: "Q-TV is the perfect solution to this problem. It delivers a massive improvement over the TV's own sound, yet is so discreet, we can reasonably describe it as 'almost invisible'. All owners will see is an extremely slim, very stylish satellite speaker peeping out from either side of their TV. Importantly, what they absolutely won't see, are any wires or what is probably the world's slimmest subwoofer, at only 1 inch deep. The latter contains 100 watts of amplification, plus the control electronics, and attaches completely out of sight to the standard VESA sockets found on the back of every flatscreen television."

The Q-TV system improves the sound from every source connected to that television. So, as well as 'House' and 'True Blood', Q-TV will make a huge difference to the sound from DVDs, CDs (played on the DVD player), Digital radio stations and computer games. There is even a spare input for iPods/MP3 players, so these can be enjoyed as well.

Q-TV boasts eight advanced 'BMR' (Balanced Mode Radiator) loudspeaker drive units, two in each satellite and four in the subwoofer. As well as providing exceptionally dynamic, low distortion sound, BMR drivers disperse their sound across a much wider axis than conventional speakers. This means everyone in the listening room will enjoy the same full stereo or home cinema experience regardless of where they sit.

The Q-TV subwoofer has been designed by Q Acoustics' engineers to be fully 'force cancelling', this minimizes all vibrations and resonances from the assembly, preventing any blurring of the picture or long term damage to the television.

Q-TV is simple to install and connect. Everything needed is included in the box and the whole job can be accomplished in minutes.

There are two models available:

'Q-TV2' adjusts to perfectly match flatscreen televisions with screen sizes from 30 to 42 inch and the extended 'Q-TV2X' matches 42 to 50 inch televisions.


Speaker type:
Sealed box with Balance Mode Radiator wide dispersion drivers: (each satellite) 2 x 15w 29mm x 131mm
Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 180Hz - 20kHz
Power amp: (each satellite) 25Wrms

Speaker type: Force cancelled bass reflex with dynamic EQ
Drivers: 4 x 15w, 29mm x 131mm bass driver
Frequency Response: (+/- 3dB) 50Hz - 180Hz
Power amp: 50Wrms

Inputs: 3.5mm jack, line (phono) and opticalLip-Sync adjustment: Variable up to 180ms

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