Published On: October 7, 2008

QED Cables Issues HDMI White Paper

Published On: October 7, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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QED Cables Issues HDMI White Paper

For those who have questions about the intricacies of HDMI cable, QED, a U.K.-based company that produces specialty cable, has produced a white paper on the subject. QED imports its products to the United States via Lenbrook America.

QED Cables Issues HDMI White Paper

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HDMI: The Bigger Picture' Describes Key Elements of the Technology and QED's Signature, Reference and Performance Series Cable Products America, exclusive U.S. importer of QED, a British specialist cable brand, is pleased to announce the availability by QED Cables of a White Paper, HDMI: The Bigger Picture, describing key technical aspects of the HDMI standard and QED's approach in its HDMI cable products.

The new paper describes the advantages of the digital HDMI standard, which "combines audio, video and control in just one connection," and the challenge of making cables that achieve it not merely by conforming to the standard, but by comfortably out-performing those specifications in every situation in which a QED customer will use their cable."

The paper describes some of the differences among HDMI cables, and the issues that can compromise performance or introduce errors, including "Poor choice of materials, imprecise control of cable geometries during manufacture, as well as physical imperfections and construction tolerances."

It also describes QED's family of HDMI products, which are divided among its Signature, Reference and Performance lines.

Copies of HDMI: The Bigger Picture are available at no charge on request. QED Cables' products can be seen at Booth 900, Colorado Convention Center, during CEDIA.

For further information about Lenbrook America, visit

Note to Editors: QED Cables welcomes the opportunity to participate in future coverage of HDMI products and technology.

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