Published On: March 31, 2015

Questyle Showcases New Premium Audio Lineup

Published On: March 31, 2015
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Questyle Showcases New Premium Audio Lineup

At last weekend's CanJam SoCal 2015, Questyle Audio showcased its premium audio lineup, which includes a pair of new portable hi-res audio players: the $599 QP1 and $899 QP1R. Also on display were the company's high-end headphone amplifiers, DACs, and...

Questyle Showcases New Premium Audio Lineup

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Questyle-players.jpgAt last weekend's CanJam SoCal 2015, Questyle Audio showcased its premium audio lineup, which includes a pair of new portable hi-res audio players: the $599 QP1 and $899 QP1R. Also on display were the company's high-end headphone amplifiers, DACs, and wireless amplifier systems. The full product details are provided below. The new players are expected to ship in late April.

From Questyle
Questyle Audio is proud to announce their new set of premium audio systems, including the brand new QP1 and QP1R portable music server / digital audio players, the famous CMA800R Current Mode Headphone Amplifier, the incomparable CAS192D True DSD DAC, new CMA800i Current Mode Headphone Amplifier / True DSD DAC, the economic Q192 Current Mode Headphone Amplifier / DAC, as well as the 5GHz Wireless Amplifier system.

Questyle Audio's QP1 ($599) and QP1R ($899) up the ante for portable music servers or DAPs with patented Current Mode amplification technology from a built-in high-end headphone amplifier and a world class DAC and music server with two Micro SD Card storage expansion slots that support up to 256 GB over the already generous internal memory (16GB for the QP1 and 32GB for the QP1R). Both players are presented in an elegant champagne gold or space gray aluminum trimmed and glass finish, with a simple and intuitive GUI interface. This together with the analog-like qualities of True DSD, they offer a whole new listening experience for just about any headphone.

Perfect for both the studio and home, Questyle Audio's CMA800R Headphone Amplifier offers their patented Current Mode Amplification technology, providing an accuracy, airiness and musicality as yet unachievable with conventional amplification, and further redefines the state of the art by being the first headphone amplifier supporting a Dual Mono Full Balanced configuration. While in full balance mode, distortion levels drop to less than 0.00026% making the CMA800R a force to be reckoned with in terms of design and performance. The CMA800R includes balanced XLR and RCA inputs/outputs to let you hear music as never before. CMA800R is available now for only $1,999.

Complimenting the Questyle Audio CMA800R is the Questyle Audio CAS192D Digital-to-Analog Converter, the world's first USB DAC supporting True DSD. The Questyle Audio CAS192D is an upgrade from Questyle's previous flagship model, the added "D" stands for "True DSD." The Questyle Audio CAS192D is designed to process DSD files in their native bit-stream format without conversion to PCM or breaking up the bit-stream into 16bit packets and compressing it into 24bit PCM packets (DoP). In PCM mode, the Questyle Audio CAS192D still provides five switchable digital filters, in which the IIR (MP) filter eliminates Pre-Ring from pulse waves. The Upsampling button is switchable between ON and OFF, allowing convenient sound performance comparisons. CAS192D is available now for $1,999.

Also utilizing the patented current mode headphone amplification technology is the Questyle Audio Q192 Desktop DAC with Headphone Amplifier. The Q192's USB port adopts a unique 3X Clock structure, ensuring the DAC obtains first class sound performance by reducing jitter to undetectable levels. Apart from USB input, Q192 is also equipped with standard coaxial input and output; all supporting 24-bit/192-kHz transmission. The Q192 is available now for $799.

An evolution in wireless audio, Questyle Audio's innovatively designed 5G wireless amplification system sends audio signals in the 5.2GHz/5.8GHz frequency, wonderfully avoiding the 2.4GHz frequency range and achieving the most stable transmission. The series includes three models: the T2 Transmitter, R100 (2x50W Stereo) Wireless Amplifier and R200 (200W Mono) Wireless Amplifier. The T2 Transmitter integrates a control preamp, with a 5GHz wireless transmitter, and includes a 24bit Analog to Digital converter for the analog input, and is able to support up to eight receivers. The R100 wireless amplifier is a built-in integration of wireless receiver, DAC and amplifier, an extremely advanced combo that can easily drive a pair of bookshelf speakers. The R200 wireless amplifier is a 200W Mono block that integrates a wireless receiver, DAC and ICEpower amplifier. Two R200 amplifiers can share one T2 transmitter and with its 20A current output capacity, the unit can easily drive high-end power consuming speaker systems. The R100, R200, T2 and R2 are available now for $999 each component respectively, or $3,000 for a pair of R200s or R100s and a T2 Transmitter/Preamp all packaged neatly in a durable Aluminum road case.

Preorders for the QP1 and QPR are expected to ship in late April with all other orders to be fulfilled in June.

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