Published On: April 20, 2009

Radio Shack Earns New Sales With Green Trade-in Program

Published On: April 20, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Radio Shack Earns New Sales With Green Trade-in Program

To keep up with the standards of the modern consumer, Radio Shack has decided to create a more green-minded offering with a trade-in program for consumer electronics, with varying degrees of benefits.

Radio Shack Earns New Sales With Green Trade-in Program

OldSchool_RadioShack_Logo.gifIf you thought sex sells then wait until you see how green sells. Radio Shack is the latest player in the consumer electronics space to cash in on the opportunity to open a sales dialog with consumers by suggesting that they trade in their "old technology" for newer, more trick and more energy efficient AV, consumer electronic and mobile electronics.

The program works one of two ways...

Online you can search for the stated value of the gear you have. Radio Shack will get you a pre-paid shipping label at no cost to the consumer so you can send it back to the company in and they will a) recycle your old AV stuff in exchange for a gift card that will be mailed to you.

You can bring your AV gear into one of the thousands of Radio Shack retail locations nationwide and their sales staff will ascertain the value of your AV goodies (I recommend bringing in a Mark Levinson amp or a pair of Wilson WATT Puppies just to see what they will offer you). They will give you their quote and you can spend the gift card right in the store.

Green is a powerful motivator in an economy which is hard to get people off butts and into spending mode. If $50 here or $100 there inspires people to start spending with the upside being corrosive and no-so-eco-friendly AV gear gets recycled - then there seems to be little to no down side to this innovative and creative program. By the way, I was kidding about trading in the Wilson WATT Puppies at Radio Shack. You might want to hang on to those versus a pair of Optimus Speakers.

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