RBH Sound SV-661R Bookshelf Speaker Reviewed

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RBH Sound SV-661R Bookshelf Speaker Reviewed

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The Downside
If you are a hardcore lover of rock, electronic, or rap music and you play at very high dB levels (around 95 dB or higher), you might find this speaker lacking in overall punch or dynamics. Also, the SV-661R has excellent bass, but it quickly rolls off at around 50 Hz; so, if you want bass to thump you in the chest or pressurize your room, you'll either want to mate these speakers with a subwoofer or consider one of the larger floorstanding speakers in the Signature SV Series, like the SV-6500R that we previously reviewed. The tower models will deliver more dynamics and deeper bass while retaining the other fine qualities discussed in this review.

RBH-SV-661R-grille.jpgComparison and Competition
Two speakers with which I have experience that are at or near the price of the SV-661R are the Revel Performa3 M106, which retails for $2,000/pair and the Joseph Audio Prism, which retails for $3,699/pair. The Revel Performa3 M106 offers the same degree of transparency and micro-details as the SV-661R and is similar in its soundstaging abilities. The SV-661R is superior to the Revel model in its ability to reproduce beautiful timbres/tonality in the midrange and upper frequencies. The Joseph Audio Prism speaker has lower bass extension than the SV-661R, and it will play at louder dB levels. But, when it comes to soundstaging abilities and the rendering of timbres/tonality, I believe the SV-661R is the better performer.

If you are a lover of jazz, acoustic, classical, opera, or vocal-centric music, you will find RBH Sound's SV-661R to be a very satisfying speaker. It has excellent soundstaging, with accurate layering and positioning of players on that stage. Because of its proprietary AMT driver, the SV-661R delivers beautiful timbres/tonality/colors in the very important midrange and treble regions. This tonality is delivered in a slightly warm/silky way that allows you to relax into the music, but it doesn't get in the way of transparency or micro-details. Plus, the physical appearance of the SV-661R speaker is quite attractive, and its rather small size makes it easy to place in most listening spaces.

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