Published On: August 16, 2010

Red Wine Audio Unveils "LFP-V Edition" for New Sales and Customer Upgrades

Published On: August 16, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Red Wine Audio Unveils "LFP-V Edition" for New Sales and Customer Upgrades

The latest audio components from Red Wine Audio are here: the LFP-V Edition which will work with all Red Wine Audio components. The company is known as a manufacturer of battery-powered hi-fi products. The LFP-V features a new vacuum tube-stage and premuimLiFePO4 (LFP) battery technology. The FLP-V Edition has a battery cycle life that is five times that of sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries.

Red Wine Audio Unveils "LFP-V Edition" for New Sales and Customer Upgrades

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081610.LFP_V_Edition.GIFRed Wine Audio, manufacturer of battery-powered hi-fi products, unveils the LFP-V Edition for all Red Wine Audio components. Featuring a new vacuum tube-stage and premium LiFePO4 (LFP) battery technology, the LFP-V Edition has five times the battery cycle life compared to sealed lead-acid (SLA) batteries.

The LFP-V Edition comes standard on all new orders and can be purchased as a factory-installed upgrade for existing customer units.

Marrying vacuum tubes and high-current battery power

By their very nature, vacuum-tube stages are power hungry. As a result, battery power supplies are subject to deep discharge cycles -- especially when users listen for extended periods of time.

Unfortunately, SLA batteries do not do well with multiple deep discharge cycles, which over time shorten both maximum listening time and battery life. This is not the case with LFP technology.

"LFP battery technology changes the playing field," says Vinnie Rossi, Red Wine Audio's Owner. "We're the first company to combine tube richness and warmth, with a level of purity only LFP battery power can deliver, and make it available across a complete line of hi-fi products," adds Rossi.

LiFePO4 battery technology

LiFePO4 battery packs have lower internal resistance (compared to SLA), which translates directly into better sound. "I was initially drawn to this technology for a many reasons such as reduced size and significantly longer lifespan. Then when I listened to it in our products, I was amazed by the how much better they sounded as well," says Rossi.

It is their significantly increased energy density that is the real game changer. "Now I have a technology with more compact size and tremendous amounts of power. Enough power to run our new vacuum tube-stage off-the-grid for more than six hours," says Rossi. No other vendor combines the sonic advantages of both vacuum tubes and batteries for a complete line of hi-fi components.

Benefits do not stop there. "Simply by flipping a switch, all Red Wine Audio LFP-V Edition components now offer continuous listening time, even while charging the battery pack," adds Rossi. Users can now choose to run 'off-the-grid' for critical listening, or 'listen and charge' for unlimited play time.


LFP-V Edition upgrades are now included with all new Red Wine Audio components at no additional charge. Factory upgrades for existing customer units run $1,000 for most products.

Availability is immediate but subject to order backlog.

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