Published On: July 9, 2010

ReQuest Upgrades Include Adding Pandora to Streaming Sources and Optimizing Serious Play Web Server for the iPad Browser

Published On: July 9, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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ReQuest Upgrades Include Adding Pandora to Streaming Sources and Optimizing Serious Play Web Server for the iPad Browser

Not wanting to be left in Apple's dust, media server darling, ReQuest, is updating their proprietary music servers to include Apple support as well as a host of other new options.

ReQuest Upgrades Include Adding Pandora to Streaming Sources and Optimizing Serious Play Web Server for the iPad Browser

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ReQuestMusic and media server company ReQuest is greeting the heat with a new wave of product updates and enhancements for July.

Leading the list is the introduction of Pandora streaming music service on all F.Series and iQ systems. Pandora brings hundreds of user-customized stations to your home audio system. Owners can skip songs they dislike, mark songs they like as favorites, and Pandora delivers music tailored to their tastes. With a Pandora-One account and a ReQuest system, users will enjoy full cover art, metadata, unlimited skipping and, according to the company, a high quality audio stream. Listeners in different zones can also play different Pandora stations simultaneously.

Pandora on an F.Series is controllable via any web browser, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, or touch screen. Streaming Radio must be enabled on the system to use Pandora. This update will be available for all F and iQ systems shipping by the end of July when ReQuest launches their Serious Play 6.3 firmware update.

Also on the very near horizon is a range of new control modules for the F.Series. Crestron and AMX controls will display a brand new interface designed to emulate the look and feel of ReQuest's own touch screen GUI with all the same colorful icons and two-way feedback. For systems with Classical Music Mode, information on the orchestra, composer, conductor, and performance will also be available right on the interface.

Later this summer, updated two-way feedback modules for RTI and Universal Remote Control systems will also be available. According to the company, beta users have already praised the "remarkably quick" controls. All updated integration modules will be freely available on the ReQuest website by the end of July.

Finally, ReQuest is optimizing their Serious Play web server for use with the iPad browser. All the same information and real-time feedback ReQuest owners are used to in a computer browser will be right there in the palm of their hands. They can add music to the queue with the same "click anywhere" interface, edit metadata for one track or an entire album, or take control of any and every zone in the house all from the multi-touch tablet.

The iPad-optimized web server will be available for all ReQuest systems with the Serious Play 6.3 update scheduled for the end of July.

As a final bonus to ReQuest owners and dealers, Serious Play 6.3 brings an overall boost in system speed across the board. According to the company, media browsing in an updated system is 34% faster, boot time is 28% quicker, and metadata tag writing is faster than ever.

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