Published On: September 22, 2008

Revel Expands Concerta In-Ceiling & In-Wall Loudspeaker Line with New IC6T2 and IW80

Published On: September 22, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Revel Expands Concerta In-Ceiling & In-Wall Loudspeaker Line with New IC6T2 and IW80

Go big or go home is what some say when talking about Revel's line of in-wall speakers. That's why Revel has now expanded their line of the more affordable Concerta in-wall loudspeakers including the new Revel IC6T2 and IW80

Revel Expands Concerta In-Ceiling & In-Wall Loudspeaker Line with New IC6T2 and IW80

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Revel-in-wall.gifLoudspeaker manufacturer Revel® has expanded its Concerta• In-Ceiling & In-Wall Loudspeakers, a series of architectural loudspeakers that combine Revel sound and versatility. The direct result of an ongoing R&D initiative, the two new models are the IC6T2 6-1/2" In-Ceiling Loudspeaker and the IW80 8" 2-way In-Wall Loudspeaker. Both feature a high-output, low distortion woofer with a micro ceramic composite (MCC) cone, pivoting tweeter (also MCC) with integral waveguide, high-order crossover network, boundary compensation switch and 3-position tweeter level control. Additionally, the IC6T2 is the first Concerta in-ceiling system designed for single-speaker stereo applications.

Like all Revel loudspeakers, the Concerta IC6T2 and the IW80 benefit from Revel's technologies, engineering standards and listening evaluations. Most in-wall/in-ceiling loudspeakers are voiced to be used without their grills; however, the Concerta In-Wall & In-Ceiling Loudspeakers' tweeters have been designed with a switch for both "grill on" and "grill off" applications. This improves performance in the most demanding listening spaces. The low-frequency and high-frequency driver diaphragms are constructed of micro ceramic composite (MCC), a new material created by anodizing both sides of an aluminum core, and also employ Revel's waveguide technology, a high-order crossover network, and a boundary compensation switch for installations near secondary walls.

Designed for single-speaker stereo applications, the IC6T2 is a 6 Ohm in-ceiling loudspeaker that employs a high-output, dual voice coil 6-1/2" (165mm) woofer with dual 3/4" (19mm) high-frequency drivers. This speaker combination is able to deliver low and mid frequencies from its proprietary woofer, while a bridge design splays the dual tweeters outward. The IC6T2 has a bandwidth of 45Hz to 22kHz (-6dB), crossover is 2-way at 2.2kHz and it has a sensitivity of 88dB (both channels driven). In addition, the IC6T2 has a diameter of 9-1/4" (235mm) and weighs 3.5 lbs (1.6kg).

The largest of the Concerta In-Wall Loudspeakers, the IW80 is an 8 Ohm in-wall loudspeaker that employs a high-output, low distortion 8" (200mm) woofer with a 1" (25mm) high-frequency driver. The IW80 has a bandwidth of 40Hz to 40kHz (-6dB), crossover is 2-way at 2.4kHz, and it has a sensitivity of 89dB. The IW80 measures 10-1/4" (259mm) W by 13-7/16" (341mm) H and weighs 5.9 lb (2.7kg).

Additionally, the IC6T2 In-Ceiling and the IW80 In-Wall Loudspeakers can be combined with Revel's new Concerta B120 Powered Subwoofer for a full-range listening experience.

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