Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600s Reviewed

Published On: October 22, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600s Reviewed

The Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600S is a half rack (go figure) sized, upgraded version of the company RGPC 400S model. The unit is designed to be paired with the RGPC Pole Pig.

Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600s Reviewed

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The Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600s ($1,395) is a larger, half-rack-sized version of the company's highly popular Richard Gary's Power Company RGPC 400 Pro unit. Its half-rack width is designed to mate the RGPC 600s with the Richard Gray's Pole Pig isolation device. Together, these comprise what Richard Gray's calls an IsoGray system, which fits a traditional rack space quite nicely. There is also a RGPC 600 Pro unit, which is a traditional rack width and is used by many custom installers in their rack installations.

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The Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600s is a larger choke-type AC power device that is highly efficient, compared to other AC power regeneration devices on the market, with a reported 6000 watts of available power. Unlike the Richard Gray's Power Company 400 Pro, the RGPC 600s has six Hubbell receptacles, as opposed to just four receptacles in the RGPC 400 Pro. In comparison to most traditional power conditioners, the Richard Gray's Power Company 600s is a non-sacrificing device, meaning it will not fail when hit by a power surge. Most mainstream power conditioners either fail and need to be replaced or their MOV (fancy word for a fuse or protection system) fails, yet the unit keeps working without the protection in place, so that the component is little more than a glorified bus strip. The Richard Gray's 600s is a much more robust solution, using simple analog technology that has yet to fail in the field from a power surge, which is saying something, considering the state of our power grid.

High Points
• Having a reserve of clean, noise-free power next to your rack is always a good thing if you want your home theater or audiophile system to perform at its best.
• The fit and finish of the Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600s is greatly improved over the original RGPC 400 unit, including the option of a silver faceplate, a control for the light on the front of the unit and a more art deco industrial design.
• All Richard Gray's Power Company products are made in the United States.

Low Points
• The odd size of the Richard Gray's Power Company RGPC 600s might not fit everyone's system well.
• The lack of battery backup and power regeneration at this price means that, if you want the full treatment, you need a Richard Gray's IsoGray system, plus another few thousand dollars' worth of battery backup and power regeneration.

There is no question the Richard Gray's Power Company IsoGray system can eliminate noise and bring a reserve of power from the street right to your rack. If you doubt me, simply go to a dealer and do an A-B test with and without the unit in the system or, better yet, try it at home. It works. The system is solid, reliable analog technology in a world where AV electronics are increasingly a pain in your butt. Richard Gray's Power Company 600s offers a little peace of mind, so you know that you are getting clean and safe power into your gear, which is worth a pretty penny.

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