Published On: December 5, 2023

Rode Acquires Mackie to Set a New Tone in Pro Audio and Streaming Markets

Published On: December 5, 2023
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Rode Acquires Mackie to Set a New Tone in Pro Audio and Streaming Markets

Rode announces the acquisition of Mackie, combining their strengths to offer a comprehensive range of audio solutions for content creation, home recording, broadcast, and live sound production.

Rode Acquires Mackie to Set a New Tone in Pro Audio and Streaming Markets

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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Australian audio giant Rode has officially acquired American counterpart Mackie, marking a move that potentially positions The Freedman Group – Rode's parent company – as one of the world's most comprehensive pro audio entities. The acquisition was announced today, adding Mackie's illustrious line of pro audio products to Rode's already expansive portfolio.

Both Rode and Mackie have deep roots in the audio industry, having been major players in the home recording boom of the 1990s and early 2000s. Rode, traditionally focused on pro-level audio devices such as condenser microphones, has recently shifted its attention to the burgeoning streaming market. 

Mackie, on the other hand, gained prominence during the home recording revolution by offering affordable yet highly functional mixers, PA systems, and related devices. In recent years, both companies have strategically ventured into the content creation space, catering to the needs of podcasters, streamers, and other creators.

“I am absolutely thrilled to welcome Mackie to The Freedman Group’s roster of iconic audio brands,” says Founder and Chairman Peter Freedman AM. “They are true legends, with a pedigree of live sound expertise that is simply unmatched. 

Today, RØDE and Mackie are both leaders in audio, and we share the same passion for creating innovative, high-quality products with a strong customer focus. With this acquisition, The Freedman Group is now a premier audio technology company offering world-class products to an even wider range of customers, from up-and-coming content creators to professionals working in live production and everyone in-between.”

The move is seen as a logical progression for both companies. Rode has been actively establishing itself as a lifestyle brand, targeting podcasters, streamers, and content creators with products like the Rodecaster Pro series of mixing consoles and the Streamer X audio interface. Mackie, known for its robust and affordable pro audio equipment, adds a layer of versatility to Rode's product lineup.

"The timing could not be better," adds Alex Nelson, CEO of Mackie, "We have an incredible product roadmap ahead of us, which we’ll be making some big announcements for leading up to NAMM ’24 [National Association of Music Merchants]. This is an extremely exciting time for Mackie, and we couldn’t be happier doing all of this alongside the Rode team.”

Mackie's rich history in the pro audio industry, dating back to 1989, brings a wealth of experience and innovation to the table. The company's emphasis on 'built-like-a-tank' quality and affordability has resulted in iconic products like the 1602 and D8B mixers and the SRM450 loudspeaker, solidifying Mackie's status as a go-to brand in recording and live sound.

Despite the acquisition, Mackie's brand, manufacturing, and operations will remain unchanged. Rode highlights that the union of these two industry powerhouses will combine complementary intellectual property, infrastructure, and resources, paving the way for powerful growth opportunities and marking a significant milestone in their global expansion strategy.

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