Published On: October 5, 2023

Roku's New Update Enhances Sports, Live TV & Content Discovery

Published On: October 5, 2023
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Roku's New Update Enhances Sports, Live TV & Content Discovery

Roku's latest update introduces users to a host of new features, from personalized sports hubs to enhanced content discovery and expert picture tuning.

Roku's New Update Enhances Sports, Live TV & Content Discovery

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Roku has officially unveiled a comprehensive update for its platform. The update, known as Roku OS 12.5, promises to deliver a host of new features and improvements that cater to the diverse needs of its vast user base, which includes over 73 million active accounts worldwide. While Roku faces increased competition from rivals, the company aims to retain and engage users with this significant update.

For sports fans, Roku's new update presents a set of exciting features. Users will now be able to "favorite" their chosen sports teams, simplifying the process of tracking game schedules and accessing relevant streaming apps in real-time. Moreover, the update includes a "Highlights" feature in the sports section, allowing users to watch clips from recent sporting events they may have missed or want to relive.

In early 2024, the platform will include motorsports, providing even more options for sports fans. Additionally, Roku plans to support Max's upcoming sports content in the coming weeks, further enriching the sports-related offerings on the platform.

Roku TV's picture customization

Roku acknowledges the increasing popularity of Free Ad-Supported Streaming Television (FAST) channels and the growing demand for enhanced customization and browsing options. In response, the update allows users to personalize the order of channels in the guide, offering greater control over their viewing experience. This builds upon Roku's existing feature, which lets users hide channels they are not interested in.

The "What to Watch" section on Roku is also getting a makeover. New categories will delve deeper into specific genres like TV shows, movies, new and popular content, and free-to-watch options. Roku aims to help users make quicker decisions by providing curated selections tailored to each genre. Furthermore, Roku will introduce new "experiences" related to specific topics such as food or home, further refining content discovery.

Roku's latest update brings some notable enhancements beyond entertainment content. Users who utilize Roku's Photo Streams feature will now have the option to integrate Google Photos, allowing for a more diverse and dynamic screensaver experience. For those with Roku's smart home cameras, the update introduces comprehensive event history and instant notifications for subscribers, enhancing home security.

One of the most notable additions to Roku OS 12.5 is the introduction of "Expert Picture Settings" for all 4K-compatible devices. Previously available only through Roku's mobile app, users can now fine-tune critical picture settings such as color temperature, color space, gamma correction, and noise reduction directly from their TVs. This feature will be a welcome addition for those who seek optimal picture quality.

Roku customers in the United States can expect to see the Roku OS 12.5 update gradually rolling out over the next few weeks. While this update addresses various aspects of the Roku experience, the company has also confirmed that its hardware lineup will remain largely unchanged for the remainder of the year.

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