Published On: September 6, 2023

Rotel Introduces Two New Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Published On: September 6, 2023
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Rotel Introduces Two New Multi-Channel Amplifiers

Rotel continues its tradition of audio excellence with the launch of two multi-channel amps, RMB-1587MKII and RMB-1585MKII, built for power and precision.

Rotel Introduces Two New Multi-Channel Amplifiers

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Rotel, a prominent name in the world of audio equipment, has unveiled two new home theater multi-channel amplifiers, the RMB-1585MKII, and the RMB-1587MKII. Teaming up with Interdyn, these amplifiers showcase Rotel's rich heritage and commitment to its proprietary Class AB amplification technology.

The RMB-1587MKII, boasting seven channels of Class AB amplification, is engineered to deliver an impressive 155 watts per channel, with all channels driven into 8 ohms. Its prowess extends further, achieving a remarkable 250 watts per channel at 4 ohms for all channels and reaching 335 watts per channel in a two-channel configuration at 4 ohms.

This sonic powerhouse draws its power from dual high-current toroidal transformers, coupled with eight high-efficiency storage capacitors, totaling an impressive 120,000uF. The result is a power supply that generates deep and resonant bass, providing a rich and immersive audio experience.

Furthermore, the RMB-1587MKII incorporates circuit and component upgrades in both the power supply and amplifier stages, demonstrating Rotel's commitment to enhancing audio quality.

To accommodate various setups, this amplifier offers auto-switching XLR Balanced and RCA inputs, as well as a 12V trigger input and output for simplified power control. Cooling optimization is ensured through the inclusion of four thermostat-controlled, variable-speed, ultra-low-noise fans.

Available in both black and silver, the RMB-1587MKII combines power and precision for discerning audiophiles.

Back panel of Rotel's RMB MKII multi-channel amplifier.

The RMB-1585MKII is another formidable addition to Rotel's lineup, featuring five channels of classic proprietary Rotel Class AB amplification. With the ability to deliver 210 watts per channel into 8 ohms and 340 watts per channel at 4 ohms, even with all channels driven, this amplifier promises an exceptional listening experience.

In a two-channel configuration, the RMB-1585MKII can reach an astounding 440 watts per channel at 4 ohms. This amplifier achieves its remarkable performance through the use of dual in-house manufactured oversized toroidal transformers and eight high-efficiency storage capacitors, totaling an impressive 120,000uF.

Rotel's dedication to audio excellence is evident in the enhancements made to the power supply and amplifier gain stage circuits, all part of their advanced MKII design architecture.

An innovative feature of the RMB-1585MKII is its rear panel switch, enabling it to be configured as a 3-channel amplifier supporting Bi-Amp mode of Channels 1&2 and 4&5. In this configuration, Channels 1&2 automatically utilize source input 1, while Channels 4&5 employ source input 5. This separation of High Frequency (HF) and Low Frequency (LF) drivers results in improved audio resolution and higher drive power to the loudspeakers.

Like its counterpart, the RMB-1585MKII offers support for both XLR Balanced and RCA inputs, with automatic switching between connected inputs. It also provides a 12V trigger input and output for streamlined power control.

To ensure optimal cooling, this amplifier is equipped with four ultra-low-noise, variable-speed cooling fans, all controlled by a CPU thermostat.

Just like the RMB-1587MKII, the RMB-1585MKII is available in black and silver, catering to different aesthetic preferences. 

The seven-channel RMB-1587MKII is priced at $4399, while the five-channel RMB-1585MKII is available at the price of $4199.

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