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Rotel_RDV_1093-review.gifIn addition, the RDV-1080 features a "display off" mode for lower noise and to reduce distraction in darkened rooms, gold-plated output jacks for optimum signal transfer and resistance to corrosion, and a high-resolution graphical user interface (GUI). My favourite feature of the RDV-1080, however, just might be the 13-step zoom function. Let me tell you, watching ants of all things, this was a carnival especially when it came down to the Flea Circus.

The included remote is simple, and did leave something to be desired. However, I'm being picky here, because for those interested in this unit, a universal learning remote is most likely what is already in hand, if not on the list for next purchase. Nevertheless, an intuitive remote.

On a different note, I enjoyed learning that Rotel as accompany are firm believers in there being no substitute for dedicated local sales and service; they are more concerned with their products being sold and demonstrated accurately, rather than being in as many stores as possible. This is why you will not find Rotel sold via mail order, over the Internet, in huge chain stores, or direct to the public. I find this to be a highly admirable trait for a company today.

Installation/Setup - For as simple in appearance as this unit is, the build quality was one of the finest I'd seen. Just taking it out of the box, it felt weighty and solid, a serious 11 pounds.  Connecting the RDV-1080 was, odd-as-it-sounds, enjoyable. When you're handling a piece of equipment that was built from the inside out with very apparent premium parts, there's something about the setup that makes the whole experience more pleasant. Connections were visually straightforward. Integration to my reference system took under 10 minutes.

Final Take - When rumors of DVD were first swirling around, the joke was that DVD stood for "Doubtful, Very Doubtful." For Rotel to introduce this one-unit answer in a whirlwind of products offering less for more, they have successfully combined the best of traditional and cutting-edge technologies with the right price. Rotel does not fashion themselves to be the first on the block to introduce the latest trendy feature. Instead, they prefer to refine existing technology. And they are damn good at it.

So, if you're wondering if Rotel will be the one to engineer the next great advancement in DVD? Perhaps. But, will they be the ones we hear of it from first? Doubtful, very doubtful. We'll all be waiting with anticipation to experience Rotel's improvement on that latest advancement. I know I will be. I've definitely caught it for certain this time around. And the word is spreading.

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