Rotel Releases New Surround Preamp and Amplified Processor

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Rotel Releases New Surround Preamp and Amplified Processor

Rotel has announced its latest home theater components, the RSP-1576MKII and RAP-1580MKII.

The RSP-1576MKII is a multichannel preamp with support for Dolby Atmos and DTS:X object-based audio (up to 7.1.4). It features seven HDMI 4K HDR video inputs and two HDMI 4K HDR outputs, features six Wolfson DACs, comes with a license for Dirac Live Full room correction, and is available now for $3,499.

The RAP-1580MKII is, by contrast, what Rotel refers to as a Surround Amplified Processor, aka an AV receiver. It has seven channels of Class AB amplification (100 watts per channel), six Wolfson DACs, and includes a license for Dirac Live LE acoustic room correction. It has eight HDMI inputs (three of which support 4K/HDR passthrough), and will retail for $4,999 when it ships in October.

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Read further for more info about Rotel's new surround offerings:

The RSP-1576MKII and RAP-1580MKII join the Rotel family of home theater components, including license for best-in-class Dirac room correction technology ensuring accurate room calibration and system configuration for installations of any size. Built on six decades of audio design experience, these models continue to deliver on the promise of acoustic performance and exceptional value synonymous with Rotel.

The RSP-1576MKII is designed as a multi-channel preamplifier, leveraging audio performance engineered utilizing Rotel's proprietary Balanced Design Concept built on an in-house manufactured toroidal transformer, with low distortion - noise rejection circuit layout and acoustic tuning of all critical audio circuits. The Rotel RAP-1580MKII is user-friendly, powerful, flexible, and refined. It is a state-of-the-art single chassis audio and video component that outperforms most separates. In stereo or surround sound, this is a serious audio component.

Control system integration of both the RSP-1576MKII and RAP-1580MKII is made easy with RS232 and IP Ethernet controls including software updates, three assignable independent 12V trigger outputs, wired IR input/ output, and available custom rack mount kit. The units will be available through authorized Rotel dealers beginning September 2020, further product details can be found listed below.


RSP-1576MKII (available September 2020): $3,499 USD

RAP-1580MKII (available October 2020): $4,999 USD


    • Supports theaters up to 7.1.4 channels of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio formats using the latest Texas Instruments quad-core DSP.
    • Surround processor utilizes an array of 6 audiophile grade Wolfson DACs and is fully licensed for DIRAC Live Full room correction software and includes a measurement microphone
      • Dirac Live Full enables 20Hz - 20kHz automatic frequency and time domain adjustments ensuring optimal performance in any size theater.
    • Features 7 HDMI 4K HDR video inputs and 2 HDMI 4K HDR video outputs
    • The video processing is complimented with an array of audio inputs including XLR, PC-USB (24b/192k), optical (3), coaxial (3), RCA analog (3), iPod USB, apt-X Bluetooth, 7.1 multichannel input and for classic vinyl lovers there is even an Moving Magnet Phono Stage input.
    • Available in both Silver and Black colors.


    • Includes 7 channels of Class AB amplification delivering 100 Watts per channel into 8 ohm loads, all channels driven and 200 Watts of power in 4 ohm loads 2 channel driven utilizing an oversized Rotel factory built toroidal transformer and high efficiency slit foil capacitors.
    • The latest Texas Instruments quad-core DSP and array of 6 Wolfson 24bit 192kHz audiophile grade DACs ensures the audio meets the highest of acoustic standards worthy of Rotel.
    • The DSP and DACs are supported with critically tuned sonic components delivering clean, accurate and precise audio to the array of amplifier output devices ensuring effortless energy and tremendous depth to the sound stage.
    • Includes support and license for Dirac Live LE acoustic room correction technology including adjustments in the most difficult frequency region from 20Hz to 500Hz.
      • Utilizing the included calibration microphone the Dirac software measures and calculates the DSP coefficients for a totally unique, pristine listening experience.
    • A full set of source inputs are available including optical, coaxial, analog, XLR, iPod USB, PC-USB (24/192), apt-X Bluetooth for high quality wireless streaming and a Moving Magnet Phono Stage for classic vinyl fans.
    • The 8 HDMI inputs include 7 on the back and 1 on the front with 3 supporting HDMI 4K/HDR pass-through and both HDMI outputs supporting 4K/HDR.
    • Available in both Silver and Black colors.

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