Published On: May 10, 2009

Rotel's New 15 Series Audiophile Two-Channel Components

Published On: May 10, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Rotel's New 15 Series Audiophile Two-Channel Components

Rotel is out with a whole new line of audiophile separate audiophile components including the RS-1520 amp, the Rotel DCD 1530 Compact Disc Player and the Rotel RC-1580 stereo audiophile preamp.

Rotel's New 15 Series Audiophile Two-Channel Components

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Rotel recently introduced a number of new two channel components: Integrated amp, CD Player, stereo and power preamplifiers that are designed for the value conscious consumer with a taste for truly refined sound.

Stereo Integrated Amplifier
The RA-1520 is a music lover's amplifier and is ideal as a stand-alone stereo system. Its 2 x 60 watt (into 8 ohms) design is based upon nearly 50 years of expertise in analog audio engineering and it delivers all of the musical performance the artist intended. Subtle nuances and large dynamics are both rendered faithfully from uncompressed digital, or classic analog sources with the included moving magnet phono. To complete its functionality, as well as its superb performance capabilities, there are additional inputs for tuner, tape, CD and Aux.

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CD Player
The RCD-1520 utilizes a segmented power supply with a large toroidal transformer to minimize power supply "sag" and reduce hum emissions. All rectifiers, voltage regulation components and BHC low-ESR storage capacitors are carefully selected, not only for tight tolerance specifications, but in particular, for their sound quality. Both analog and digital circuits undergo this careful scrutiny. For the digital domain, Rotel has specified the superb Wolfson DAC for advanced digital filtration and D/A conversion. The CD transport is a high performance, slot loading mechanism. The result of this attention to detail is a CD player that will remain a part of a reference audio system for years to come.

Stereo Preamplifiers
The RC-1580 is designed for the hi-fi purist in terms of its minimalist approach and absolute musical fidelity. Component parts such as an oversized toroidal power transformer and special BHC capacitors, along with circuit topology, have been carefully selected to obtain the best sound possible.

Rotel_15Series.gifFor those who want the best of both audio and video worlds a unity
gain stage has been included to enable a surround processor to feed
straight through to the power amplifier thereby bypassing the volume
control. The RC-1580 includes a low noise MM/MC phono with discrete,
differential input stages, as well as CD, Tuner, and two AUX inputs.
The preamplifier can be controlled by RS-232, or IR input. A tone
defeat, media input socket, phones socket and remote control is


The RC-1550 delivers an extraordinary level of performance. Its
rock-solid power supply is comprised of a custom made toroidal
transformer and select grade BHC slit foil capacitors. RC-1550 features
six line-level inputs in addition to a phono input for moving magnet
cartridges. A convenient contour control allows easy and repeatable
timbre adjustments. With two sets of main outputs, a 12 volt "trigger "
jack, and a Rotel-system remote control for both the pre-amplifier and
a companion Rotel CD, tuner, or DVD player, the RC-1550 brings the
flexibility and sound quality of Rotel separates within easy reach.

Stereo Power Amplifiers
Rotel has been engineering and manufacturing power amplifiers for
decades and the two amplifiers presented here build on the company's
Balanced Design Concept engineering philosophy and feature refined
Class AB output stages, over-sized power supplies with toroidal
transformers and select grade components throughout.

Rugged, stable, and natural sounding, either model is the ideal
foundation for a high performance music systems. Both feature 12-volt
triggers for remote operation and include an IEC detachable power cord.
Power output configurations are 2 x 200 watts for the RB-1582 and 2 x
120 watts for the RB-1552. The on/off operation of the amplifiers can
be remotely controlled by 12-volt triggers. Optional rack mount rails
are available for custom installation requirements.

All models are available late first quarter or early second quarter 2009.

Model Suggested Retail Price in USD $

RA-1520 Integrated Amplifier $ 999.00
RCD-1520 CD Player $ 999.00
RC-1580 Preamplifier $1,299.00
RC-1550 Preamplifier $ 699.00
RB-1582 Power Amplifier $1,499.00
RB-1552 - Power Amplifier $ 899.00

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