Rovi Extends Cable Video to Tablets and Smart Phones

Published On: March 12, 2011
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Rovi Extends Cable Video to Tablets and Smart Phones

Rovi, the leader in streaming media for HDTVs, Blu-ray players and beyond, now has a solution that will allow set-top box users of HDTV to stream their media from their HDTV feed to their mobile devices like iPhones and iPads.

Rovi Extends Cable Video to Tablets and Smart Phones

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Rovi_logo.gifRovi Corporation recently announced TotalGuide xD, a customizable advanced media guide that connects and extends the cable video experience from set-top boxes to mobile devices, including tablets and smart phones.

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TotalGuide xD provides multiple system operators (MSOs) with a solution that addresses the rapid changes taking place within the market, as entertainment consumption quickly moves to an 'anytime, anyplace' experience. TotalGuide xD can enable cable subscribers with legacy native guide applications on their set-top boxes to now connect with and enjoy content from tablets and handheld devices, whether that content is broadcast TV, video on demand (VOD) or authenticated streaming video content, using one mobile interface.

The market for pay TV subscribers is becoming increasingly more crowded and competitive. TotalGuide xD is intended to help MSOs expand upon the engagement with their customers beyond their home television. As a fully-customizable platform, the service allows MSOs to extend their user experience to other connected devices, starting with an iPad application.

TotalGuide xD allows the consumer to access their entertainment content in new ways. Features available on this platform include:

Search functionality, enabling users to find their favorite TV shows and movies

Rovi "six degrees" discovery and recommendations, which helps consumers find more relevant video content and provides the flexibility to connect to a variety of video content sources

Dynamic recommendations including most popular, similar, friend recommendations and exclusive editorial recommendations from the Rovi editorial team

Social network connections via Facebook, Twitter, and e-mail integration;

Remote connections to set top boxes in the home to schedule DVR recordings, channel tune or start a VOD session

Cross-device access to a subscriber user profile, which is designed to make access to content seamless across other TotalGuide-enabled devices

TotalGuide xD on the iPad is planned to be available for trials in Q2 2011. Additional reference designs for other devices are expected to be available throughout 2011.

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