Roksan Hotcakes Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed

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Roksan Hotcakes Bookshelf Loudspeakers Reviewed

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Because the Roksan driver is fitted to an angled surface, created by cutting off a corner, the Hotcakes can be arranged easily to fire horizontally or vertically, up from the floor or down from the

ceiling, shelf mounted or stand mounted -- the shape allows your (or your interior designer's) imagination to run riot. Brackets have been made available for wall mounting, while one
particularly fetching stand option has the Hotcake firing straight up, looking like a 1930s uplighter floor lamp.

Although these speakers aren't intended to supplant full-range systems, I couldn't think of any way to audition them other than as 'real' speakers. Using a variety of costly and powerful
amplifiers with CD and LP sources, I ran the Hotcakes on 24in tall stands, with the speakers firing at the listener. I was staggered by the results.

No, the Hotcakes do not deliver rich, full bass which defies the laws of physics. No, the dynamics are not limitless. What these wee beauties do is offer near-perfect lateral imaging, fair depth and convincing height. They're quick and sharp, with no smearing in the mid or treble regions. They cover the all-important midband with far greater competence than you'd expect of a speaker which occupies no more space than a stack of around 20
CDs. The worst sin of which they can be accused is a slightly nasal character on male vocals.

The lack of weight is disconcerting with all but a cappella vocals, some strings-only recordings or speech. To enrich the sound, you really must site the speaker near a boundary surface.

Simply placing the Hotcakes on the floor with the driver firing up toward the listener was enough to add 'body'; to my surprise, the speakers still created a sound 'picture' at a respectable height in front of the listening position. Conversely, mounting the speakers with their drivers firing down into the room and their backs touching the ceiling/rear wall proved to be an ideal alternative to ceiling-mounted designs which fire down directly at the floor.

I spent a few days listening only to the Hotcakes and it didn't seem like a hi-fi equivalent of Lent. The sound was vastly superior to that of any portable, which means that their success
as spacesavers is assured (students in cramped digs, take note). For kitchens, small studies, reception areas or other secondary sites, the Hotcakes are ideal.

At #139 per pair in black or white gloss lacquer (or anthracite for an extra #20), the Hotcakes cost as much as or more than a number of sensible, fine-sounding budget systems of a
conventional mien. No, the Hotcakes will not 'outperform' Celestion 3s or Monitor Audio 7s or AR Red Boxes or a host of other dandy two-way systems. On the other hand, no conventional
speakers can provide the aesthetics or the siting options of the Hotcakes. Which gets us back to the introductory paragraph.

If you don't have to worry about space or aesthetic considerations or a limited budget, then you don't really need the Hotcakes. But if you're an audiophile who dreads the unavoidable sonic compromises of selecting a speaker for its size or looks rather than performance, the Hotcakes will ensure that you won't need that Grecian 2000.

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