Published On: July 19, 2018

RTI Introduces New Jandy iAquaLink Pool and Spa Driver

Published On: July 19, 2018
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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RTI Introduces New Jandy iAquaLink Pool and Spa Driver

The new IP driver promises to make pool and spa integration easier than ever before.

RTI Introduces New Jandy iAquaLink Pool and Spa Driver

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RTI is kind of the "Professor and Mary Ann" of the professional home automation and control world, in that most people are sort of likely to lump them in with "...and the rest." But they're genuinely a major player in the market. They were one of the first, for example, to introduce a two-way driver for custom integration of Sonos systems.

And as big as Sonos is in the custom installation market (no, seriously), pools and spas are even bigger. The ability to control your pumps and heaters and jets and lights, all from the same control remote that tweaks your air conditioner and fires up the home theater system? That's pretty swanky. So it's no real surprise to see RTI introducing a new two-way driver for Jandy AquaLink RS swimming pool and spa automation systems.

More details from RTI:

RTI, a leading control and automation manufacturer for residential and commercial settings, today announced the availability of a new two-way driver for AquaLink RS swimming pool and spa automation systems from Jandy. With the new driver, developed by RTI, integrators can easily incorporate iAquaLink-connected pool equipment into RTI control and automation systems without any additional equipment or serial adapters. This allows customers to manage their backyard experience from their RTI control interfaces.

"The Jandy two-way driver makes an exciting addition to our library, allowing our dealers to integrate AquaLink pool automation into the RTI ecosystem and further unify the control experience across the home -- inside and out," said Mike Everett, Vice President of Global Sales, RTI. "For AquaLink owners, complete control over all aspects of their pools and spas is just a touch away on an RTI interface, whether they're poolside at home or halfway around the world."

With this new driver, integration with iAquaLink-connected AquaLink RS systems is now easier than ever. "Instead of needing a wired serial adapter connection with the pool automation system, the driver simply communicates with the iAquaLink web servers," said David Goldman, Director of Marketing at Zodiac Pool Systems -- maker of Jandy Pro Series products and the AquaLink line of pool and spa controls. "If the pool automation is already connected to the web with an iAquaLink antenna, the integrator just configures the system with the new RTI driver to complete the installation."

This ease of integration gives users complete control over connected pool and spa equipment -- including pumps, cleaners, color lights, heaters, jets, and more -- from any web-connected device via Jandy's iAquaLink app or from RTI's control interface options, including handheld controllers, in-wall keypads, and the RTiPanel app for mobile devices.

"RTI is a leader in control and automation in many of today's homes, so we couldn't be more excited about the company's new iAquaLink driver. Through seamless integration of AquaLink pool and spa systems with RTI-based control systems, RTI users can enjoy full automation of their homes -- and their pools," added Goldman.

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