Published On: January 30, 2012

Runco Adds 3D to LightStyle Series with LS-12d Projector

Published On: January 30, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Runco Adds 3D to LightStyle Series with LS-12d Projector

Runco is trying to make 3D more affordable for the company's customer base by adding the LS-12d 3D DLP projector to the company's LightStyle line of products. The projector will offer active and passive 3D.

Runco Adds 3D to LightStyle Series with LS-12d Projector

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Runco-LS12d-3D-projector.jpgRunco continues to expand display solutions with the introduction of the company's most affordable 3D projector yet, the Runco LS-12d. Tthe LS-12d combines a three-chip DLP engine and a wide array of lens options with Runco's LightStyle chassis design.

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The LS-12d is a 3D solution for "Flex-Theater" spaces where big screen entertainment is only a portion of the room's purpose and aesthetics and placement are as crucial as video performance. With the addition of the LS-12d to Runco's 3D projection offerings, customers now have a variety of 3D options to choose from based on their individual needs.

The LS-12d utilizes active 3D technology and comes equipped with three sets of active shutter glasses. With active 3D, customers can enjoy 2D or 3D content on the same screen, ideal for "Flex-Theater" spaces. Runco also provides the choice of passive 3D technology in its 3Dimension series, which utilize polarized glasses and a silver non-depolarizing screen.

The LS-12d is also the first projector to ship with Runco's new Dimension Digital Controller (DC-300), which has been engineered to enhance 3D performance of Runco 3D-enabled products.

The LightStyle LS-12d will be available from authorized Runco dealers beginning April 2012 with an MSRP of $27,995, which includes the DC-300 (MSRP $9,995) and three pair of glasses.

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