Published On: April 6, 2010

Runco Adds Custom Colors For Its Full Line of Flatscreen HDTVs and Projectors

Published On: April 6, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Runco Adds Custom Colors For Its Full Line of Flatscreen HDTVs and Projectors

Tired of the traditional black finish offered on most flat-panel TVs? Runco has extended its ColourPalette service to its full line of flat panels and projectors, so you can choose a color finish that better suits your room or makes a unique design statement.

Runco Adds Custom Colors For Its Full Line of Flatscreen HDTVs and Projectors

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Runco-Colorpalette.gifRunco now offers its ColourPalette• custom color options on its full product line of home theater projectors*, LCD flat panel displays and its plasma displays.
In an ongoing effort to support Runco's design and architecture initiative, Runco is offering a palette of 13 distinctive colors as well as a customization program that allows homeowners or their designers to custom match virtually any color sample, including fabric, wallpaper, paint and upholstery. 

To correspond with the launch, Runco now offers a new visualization tool on where you can customize and preview a panel or projector in any of Runco's custom ColourPalette colors. The Runco ColourPalette comes in a high-quality satin finish, with a hand-finished gloss option on some models.
Enhanced product personalization enables designers to embrace technology and use it to complement a discerning customer's home. "It is easy to see why designers may view display technology as a necessary evil that detracts from their vision for the space, instead of enhancing it. Runco is affording designers new ways to embrace and integrate technology into their designs, and even use it to complement a room's aesthetic. Our Design by Runco• initiative to support the architecture and design community through innovative customization options, like ColourPalette, illustrate Runco's commitment to the successful synthesis of design and technology in the home," stated Runco VP of Marketing Jennifer Davis.
Runco will offer 13 custom ColourPalette colors which can previewed on Runco's website and used to personalize display technology like never before:
· Runco Magic
· Runco True
· Runco Celebrity
· Runco Cool
· Runco Extreme
· Runco Fidelity
· Runco Silver Screen
· Runco Artisan
· Runco Authentic
· Runco Craftsman
· Runco Expert
· Runco Handiwork
· Runco Polish

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