Published On: May 27, 2010

Runco Expands Its Video Customization Options with FrameGallery And SilverSheen

Published On: May 27, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Runco Expands Its Video Customization Options with FrameGallery And SilverSheen

Runco's new FrameGallery line of custom frames allows you to tailor the frame for one of Runco's Crystal Porfolio LCDs. Six frame options are available, as well as assorted finishes to suit a wide range of decors. You can add the SilverSheen option to get a mirrored surfaced.

Runco Expands Its Video Customization Options with FrameGallery And SilverSheen

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Runco, a provider of luxury video solutions, announces its FrameGallery and FrameGallery with SilverSheen custom framing options. FrameGallery allows unique custom framing of Runco Crystal Portfolio (CX) LCD flat panel displays. With different frame options to choose from, it has never been easier to make a flat panel display complement the unique aesthetic of any room's decor.

Six unique frame options and finishes are available, ranging from traditional to modern to classic, and each are handcrafted with high quality materials. Chosen to both complement the display and the various décor styles, Runco's FrameGallery options integrate with Runco's flat panel LCD displays to deliver solutions with elegance and style, backed by Runco's comprehensive two-year warranty.

Runco's ability to marry cutting-edge technology with high-end design characteristics allows its authorized dealers to offer their customers a unique custom video solution. In addition to being ensconced in a handcrafted frame with the Runco FrameGallery option, each flat panel LCD display also features a liner insert in Runco's all-black light absorption Cinema Velvet Finish (CVF) matting. The result of the frame and the CVF matting draws inspiration from the look of both high-end theater screens as well as the expensive framing options that can be found surrounding works of art.

In concert with FrameGallery, Runco also introduces its unique reflective SilverSheen technology allowing FrameGallery customers the option of a mirrored surface on their flat-panel display. SilverSheen surface technology allows for high-definition viewing of any content when the LCD is in use and reflects like a traditional mirror when the panel is turned off. This unique finish further enables technology to complement a room's décor essentially hiding the LCD display when it's not in use. The Runco SilverSheen option is available on the Runco CX-42HD, CX-47HD, CX-52HD CX-55HD, CX-57HD and CX-65HD.

"Runco is committed to bringing our dealers and their clients unique video solutions they cannot get anywhere else," said Runco's Vice President of Marketing, Jennifer Davis. "Our FrameGallery and SilverS heen flat-panel customization solutions are two more examples of how Runco products differ from the ordinary and showcase Runco's commitment to offer architects and designers custom video solutions that enable them to easily integrate Runco video products into their residential designs."

Runco's video displays and its FrameGallery and SilverSheen are the latest addition to the Runco by Design initiative, which offers customization solutions for Runco video products. Joining Runco ColourPalette, which offers Runco projectors in 13 finish colors and the ability to color match any sample and customize a Runco projector in that exact shade, are available exclusively through the Runco authorized dealer network. All Runco displays, including these custom options, feature a two-year Runco standard warranty with extended options also available.

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