Published On: September 1, 2009

Runco Introduces New VX-33i and VX-33s Projectors

Published On: September 1, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Runco Introduces New VX-33i and VX-33s Projectors

Runco has never been shy about building cost-no-object front projectors; in fact, they've built their reputation on it. With the introduction of their new VX-33i and VX-33s HD front projectors they're about to take the concept of absolute performance to the next level.

Runco Introduces New VX-33i and VX-33s Projectors

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Runco-VX-33i.gifRunco today introduced its VideoXtreme VX-33i and VX-33d, the latest additions to its broad portfolio of performance projectors. The Runco VX-33i and VX-33d are engineered to bring the Runco video experience to home theaters that boast cinema-sized screens.
These new projectors include a finely engineered 3-chip DLPTM light engine with 1080p SuperOnyxTM DMDTM, and Runco-proprietary video processing and scaling to create a realistic video experience. Utilizing proprietary O-PathTM technology and ISFTM exacting calibration standards, Runco ensures that light is efficiently culminated in the VX-33i and VX-33d to project ultra-high resolution and brightness, making the VX-33i and VX-33d the perfect projectors to complement even the largest projection screens (greater than 120-inch diagonals) found in the spectacular media rooms of today's luxury residences.
"This project represents Runco's legacy in high-end projection," said Gerry Perkel, Runco CEO. "Runco has always dominated in this elite market space and these new products give our dealers the solutions that will enable them to continue to own their markets."
The VX-33i uses Runco-proprietary integrated VivixTM video processing to ensure, superb scaling and an advanced aspect ratio control system. These unique processing elements enable the VX-33i to project flawless high-definition material as well as transform all standard definition content to near-high-definition levels, while maintaining the native formats of TV and movies.
Designed specifically for the custom installer who specializes in high-end theaters, the VX-33i and VX-33d offer several proprietary CinOptxTM lens options for greater flexibility during installation and to ensure that each media room can be perfected to the exacting demands of its owner. Both the VX-33i and VX-33d are available with Runco's exclusive, award-winning CineWideTM and CineWide with AutoScopeTM technology. CineWide, the first and leading 2.35:1 projection solution, has since prompted industry-wide adoption; it was developed to properly reproduce 2.35:1 CinemaScopeTM movies with unparalleled accuracy and full vertical screen image height, and eliminate useless black bars.
All Runco displays feature a two-year RuncoCare standard warranty. Runco RedCarpet extended options are also available for one or two additional years.
Runco's Video Xtreme VX-33i projector is now shipping and starts at $49,995 (MSRP). The VX-33d is shipping now and starts at $59,995. Runco products are available exclusively through its authorized dealer network.

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