Published On: September 22, 2009

Runco Releases New "Affordable" LightStyle Projectors

Published On: September 22, 2009
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Runco Releases New "Affordable" LightStyle Projectors

Runco has largely been on the forefront of the ultra expensive, exclusively custom install projector market. While they're not about to lay off the latter they do plan to offer some more affordable products as part of their new LightStyle series of front projectors.

Runco Releases New "Affordable" LightStyle Projectors

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Runco just unveiled its LightStyleTM Series projectors. Comprising of the LS-3, LS-5, and LS-7 projectors, the Runco LightStyle Series combines 1080 video and integration features with value pricing and sophisticated design elements that custom installers and their customers will revere.

"For more than 20 years, Runco has led the custom installation consumer electronics industry in video technology and innovation by manufacturing the finest home theater displays for the world's most discerning and well-heeled customers. Now, our LightStyle Series completes Runco dealers' projection portfolio by offering a never-before-seen combination of Runco performance and value price," says Gerry Perkel, CEO of Runco. "This new entry-level, performance series enables Runco and our dealers to offer the most complete range of pricing and performance projector options in the industry."
Designed from the ground up, each of the 1080p DLPTM projectors incorporates Runco's proprietary engineering, advanced features and performance enhancements to achieve an elevated home theater experience that belies their respective price points. Runco's LightStyle Series combines state-of-the-art DLPTM-based SuperOnyxTM technology with Runco ConstantContrastTM and VivixTM image enhancement and proprietary video processing to achieve deep black levels and significant contrast, each measuring above 10,000:1. All incorporate the ISFTM (Imaging Science Foundation) calibration suite for optimal performance in any room. These calibration tools feature day and night calibration memory settings, individual sharpness and noise reduction controls, programmable image memory selection keys, built-in test patterns and a dark room-optimized remote.

Designed to be incredibly reliable, and precisely for the specialty home theater market, Runco's LightStyle Series provides the utmost in installation flexibility, including six lens options on the three-chip LS-7, while the 1080p LS-3 and LS-5 offer two lens options, to meet varying room and screen sizes. Each includes ample horizontal and vertical lens shift (the LS-7 with powered capabilities) to achieve optimal imagery even without ideal room placement. Runco's intelligent horizontal and vertical lens shift technology is a revolutionary software function for home theater projectors; it prohibits lens shift outside the image area to eliminate shadowing or image clipping.

Unlike Runco's larger performance projectors that typically demand custom cabinetry and lifts, the LightStyle Series projectors are significantly more compact and can be easily affixed to walls or ceilings. The projectors are designed specifically to be visually stunning, featuring a deep-black finish and uniquely-designed chassis.

Runco products are exclusively available through its authorized dealer network.
Runco's LightStyle LS-3 and LS-5 will ship in November 2009 and the LS-7 will ship in early December 2009. MSRPs are as follows: LS-3 is $4,995, LS-5 is $6,995 and LS-7 is $15,495.

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