Published On: September 29, 2010

Runco Unveils Customizable Flat Panel Vistage Series

Published On: September 29, 2010
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Runco Unveils Customizable Flat Panel Vistage Series

The Vistage Series, which at present consists of three different models, is the latest in Runco's line of flat panel TVs. The Vistages are ultra-thin, glass-fronted HD displays have modulation at the sub-pixel level and can accommodate 3D.

Runco Unveils Customizable Flat Panel Vistage Series

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Runco_Vistage_display.gifRunco recently announced the addition of the Vistage Series to its flat panel display offerings. The ultra-thin Vistage displays - currently comprised of the V-50HD, V-58HD and V-63HD - are 3D-ready flat panel displays that can be personalized to reflect the style of its homeowner.


The entire front of each display is comprised of solid glass. The glass front reportedly improves optical performance of the flat panel, because there are no surface uniformity issues common to the acrylic or plastic surfaces used on most televisions. The Vistage Series also utilizes an Emissive Cell Structure to improve brightness and viewing angles. Using a proprietary algorithm each sub-pixel is individually-modulated to turn on or off based on the content being played. Runco claims this creates drmatic contrast and black levels.

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The new displays are 1.7 inches thin. Runco is offering optional rear-panel customization for the Vistage models, with designs that can be created to match even the home's décor. The customizable veil attaches to the rear of the display and forms a convex curvature design. As part of the Design by Runco initiative, FinishPalette provides Vistage owners a unique level of personalization and customization.

The Vistage Series will ship with Runco's new DHD-LS, which is a slim (measuring just more than 1 inch tall) video processor and scaler. The DHD-LS includes Runco's latest Vivix processing for scaling and analog-to-digital signal conversion. It also allows single-wire connectivity to the display and enables individual calibration and control.

For those customers looking for 3D support for their flat panel displays, Runco will be offering Active 3D support on its Vistage line of flat panel displays utilizing an optional 3Dimension processor, emitter, and glasses kit designed for this product line (available early 2011), which is completely compatible with the V-50HD, V-58HD, and V-63HD.

The Vistage Series V-50HD, V-58HD and V-63HD will have MSRPs of $5,995, $7,995, $9,495 respectively and will be available December 2010.

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