Published On: October 2, 2008

Russound's iBridge Power Dock To Ship in October

Published On: October 2, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Russound's iBridge Power Dock To Ship in October

Many older homes can't always accommodate today's modern custom installation wiring schemes even though their owners may want them. Well, Russound's new iBridge hopes to -ahem -bridge the gap by passing the audio signal via existing power lines already in your home.

Russound's iBridge Power Dock To Ship in October

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Russound, a provider of multiroom audio, will soon ship the company's first iPod® dock to take advantage RNET PLCTM (Power Line Carrier) technology, based on the HomePlug® standard (

Scheduled to ship in early October, the new iBridge Power Dock ($799 MAP) employs Russound's RNET system to distribute iPod® music and data throughout the home using existing residential AC power lines. Available through authorized dealers and distributors, the iBridge Power Dock integrates an iPod to Russound's RNET® multiroom controller amplifiers without the need for new long wiring runs. The iBridge Power Dock also recharges the iPod, keeping it ready for portable use.

PLC Simplifies Retrofit, Increases Sales Opportunities

The combination of the iBridge Power Dock and Russound's RNET technology retains and extends the iPod's most wanted features, without having to install new wiring. The iBridge Power Dock treats the iPod as a fully functional RNET Smart Source, with full control over transport and playlist functions, including on-screen metadata displays that let users conveniently "see" what they're hearing on Russound touchscreens and keypads.

"At a time when eight out of 10 digital players bought in the U.S. are iPods, Russound is offering installers a way to encourage retrofit sales by showing consumers how easy it is to turn an iPod into a portable music server that integrates seamlessly with an RNET multiroom system, but without the inconvenience and expense of new long wire runs," said Walt Zerbe, Product Manager of Emerging Technologies for Russound. "Factor in the substantial savings in labor costs, and it becomes clear that iBridge Power Dock is one of the best tools for increasing profits through retrofit sales."

The iBridge Power Dock kit consists of only three pieces: the dock itself, an adapter that connects the dock to a standard wall outlet, and a second adapter that extends from a wall outlet to the RNET controller. Once these three pieces are connected, the installer need only "enter" the RNET system through Russound's proprietary PC Power Tools software and add the iPod as a source. In most cases, the entire process takes less than one hour per dock.

PLC technology provides two-way communication through common household AC outlets and wiring. Music, metadata and control signals travel over electrical wiring between the iPod and RNET controller amplifiers, simplifying integration into any multiroom system. Up to four iBridge Power Docks can be designated as sources in a Russound multiroom system.

Added Zerbe: "More than ever, installers are looking for ways to increase profitability, especially now that new housing starts are not as robust as they were just last year. PLC makes quick, trouble-free installation possible. Instead of being faced with several weeks of inconvenience, a homeowner can now opt for a one- or two-day job, with only a minimum of disruption to their lifestyles."

For more information, visit the company¹s Web site at

*According to August 2005, 2006 and 2007 studies by EH Research

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