Published On: October 2, 2008

Russound's New ZXP-E5 Zone Expander Expands Reach of E-Series Controller/Amp

Published On: October 2, 2008
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Russound's New ZXP-E5 Zone Expander Expands Reach of E-Series Controller/Amp

If you've invested in the E-Series Controller/Amp, odds are good that you want to be able to hear it even at a distance. Russound's ZXP-E5 Zone Expander does exactly what its name implies, increasing the acreage that can be impacted by the component.

Russound's New ZXP-E5 Zone Expander Expands Reach of E-Series Controller/Amp

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ZXP-E5 Zone Expander Simplifies E-Series Upgrade


Russound, a provider of multiroom audio, is adding to its E-Series selection a new zone expander that enhances the reach of the eight zone/twelve source ACA-E5 multizone controller/amplifier, providing an additional six zones of high performance audio.

The new ZXP-E5 E-Series Zone Expander (MAP: $2,800) is a compact, double rack space component that offers a step-up solution for end-users who want to expand the reach of their Russound E-Series system, but without having to add an additional, full featured controller/amplifier.

"Our Sphere Certified Integrators and their clients are big fans of the ACA-E5, and they often want to 'spread the wealth' to additional rooms during the initial installation," said Charlie Porritt, Russound's Vice President of Sales. "But, we know it shouldn't be necessary to invest in a second amp when all that's needed is a smart add-on with a tightly focused place in the rack.

"The ZXP-E5 exists because our dealers were clear about their need for a high-performance zone expander that skips the full array of features found in the ACA-E5, which of course comes at a higher price. It's a logical add-on, and a great way to build profitability while satisfying the enduser's interest in expanding the system."

Russound's product team included only those features needed to expand a system's reach while eschewing all elements not directly related to the unit's sole purpose. A keypad input is included for each zone, with ample power available for each keypad.

Similar to the ACA-E5, the new ZXP-E5 Zone Expander handles 40 watts per channel, and it bears a near-identical appearance to the amplifier, but at half its height, it allows for a slim addition to the rack system.

Russound's Sphere• Certified Integrator Program is available to established Russound dealers who are certified with the company's line of E-Series products. To participate in the program, dealers must have a valid resale certificate, in addition to being a member of a recognized trade association in the consumer electronics, computer, telecom, electrical, home building, or security industries. Additionally, they must commit to never selling Russound products via the Internet, catalog, or telemarketing, and must demonstrate proficiencies in all areas affecting custom audio/ video installation.

The new ZXP-E5 Zone Expander will ship in November of 2008.

For more information, visit the company's Web site at

*According to August 2005, 2006 and 2007 studies by EH Research

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