Published On: April 15, 2012

Salamander Designs and Elan Team up for Installation

Published On: April 15, 2012
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Salamander Designs and Elan Team up for Installation

The president of AV cabinetry and furniture company Salamander Designs, Salvatore Carrabba, decided to upgrade his home system, which included upgrading to a new ELAN control system.

Salamander Designs and Elan Team up for Installation

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Salamander_Designs_and_Elan_install.jpgSalvatore Carrabba, president of the AV cabinetry and furniture design company Salamander Designs, had C&T Systems upgrade his home control to the ELAN g! Entertainment and Control System.

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"I've been using ELAN control systems in my home for years," Carrabba said, "so I was excited when ELAN introduced the new g! system, and then I was amazed when it blew away my expectations! The sleek industrial design of the touch panels and its incredibly easy-to-use interface made it a welcome addition in my home and fit perfectly with my design-oriented sensibility."

Carrabba's home is controlled with a top-of-the-line ELAN HC12 Home Controller, which gives him the power to use every function of the g! system and even expand in the future to include more touch screens, lighting zones, TVs, cameras and audio zones. His fully integrated home includes one-touch control of the Lutron RadioRA lighting system, the 16-zone audio system, all of the TVs, the four-zone Aprilaire HVAC system, GE security system, six surveillance cameras, three garage doors and even the pool and spa equipment.

According to Andrew Spalla, Jr. of C&T Systems, "Because Mr. Carrabba's home already had a control system, we were able to upgrade to ELAN g! with very little cutting or new wire pulls. We utilized all of the existing infrastructure in the home, which made for a very efficient upgrade with minimal downtime between systems. In fact, we had the new g! system controlling the TVs and whole-home audio system on the first day before they even returned home from work!"

The Carrabba family can control the ELAN g! system through a multitude of easy-to-use ELAN control interfaces, including a TS10 ten-inch touch screen in the kitchen that doubles as a TV, four TS7 seven-inch touch screens, two TS2 four-inch touch pads, four HR2 multimedia and home control remotes, two iPads and several iPhones with the ELAN g!Mobile app.

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