Published On: April 3, 2015

Samsung Announces Pricing/Availability of 2015 UHD TVs

Published On: April 3, 2015
Last Updated on: October 31, 2020
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Samsung Announces Pricing/Availability of 2015 UHD TVs

Samsung hosted its annual Spring Launch yesterday in New York City, where the company officially launched its 2015 lineup of Ultra HD TVs. The focus was on the new SUHD premium line, which features high dynamic range and nanocrystal (quantum...

Samsung Announces Pricing/Availability of 2015 UHD TVs

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Samsung-spring-launch.jpgSamsung hosted its annual Spring Launch yesterday in New York City, where the company officially launched its 2015 lineup of Ultra HD TVs.

The focus was on the new SUHD premium line, which features high dynamic range and nanocrystal (quantum dot) technologies. The SUHD line includes four series: the flagship JS9500 with full-array LED backlighting and local dimming, the JS9100, the JS9000 (edge lighting with local dimming), and the JS8500 (edge lighting with local dimming, and the only non-curved design in the SUHD lineup). The JS9500 will be available in screen sizes of 65 inches ($6,499.99) and 88 inches (price TBA), while the 78-inch JS9100 will cost $9,999.99.

The step-down JU line, which does not offer the HDR and nanocrystal technologies, includes four series (JU7500, JU7100, JU6700, JU6500) in screen sizes from 40 inches up to 78 inches (prices listed below). All of the JU models are edge-lit with either Precision Black dimming or the step-down Micro Dimming technology. The JU6500 is not mentioned in the press release below, but it is listed on Samsung's website and is apparently similar to the JU6700 but in a non-curved design.

Several series are available now, and the others will come to market throughout April and May.

At the event, Hanno Basse, 20th Century Fox CTO and chairman of the new UHD Alliance, reiterated the Alliance's goal of developing a set of standards for creating UHD content, as well as a certification system that will let consumers know which UHD TVs are fully capable of meeting these standards.

From Samsung
Samsung Electronics America, Inc. has unveiled the availability and pricing for its 2015 line of premium TVs, including the groundbreaking series of flagship SUHD TVs.

The Next Step In Picture Quality Worthy of the Human Eye
Whether it's LCD, LED or most recently UHD, Samsung has pushed the boundaries of TV innovation to new levels. In 2015, Samsung continues to demonstrate its heritage of innovation by introducing the world to masterpieces in display engineering with its line of premium Curved SUHD TVs. With more than five years of research and development behind its proprietary Cadmium-free nanocrystal technology, Samsung's SUHD TVs produce a crystal clear color representation that results in a magnificent display of life-like picture quality. Combined with Samsung's Peak Illuminator, these breakthroughs in screen technology produce a wider color range, delivering more detailed color expression, enhanced contrast that enables the deepest blacks seen on an LED screen, and unmatched brightness creating an entirely new category of TV.

With improved panel efficiency, superior color accuracy, and enhanced brightness precision, SUHD TVs provide unrivaled picture quality. Along with these exceptional improvements in color and brightness, Samsung incorporates local dimming technologies to minimize black loss, improve contrast, and deliver the deepest blacks currently available without loss of detail. The first line of SUHD TVs are no exception to Samsung's strong tradition of design. From curved to flat, Samsung's SUHD TVs capture the design aesthetic of contemporary art and architecture that are both captivating and functional.


A Smarter and More Integrated Smart TV
To further enhance its award winning Smart TV platform, all 2015 Samsung Smart TVs will now feature the Tizen Operating System. This revolutionary Smart TV platform incorporates an intuitive user interface to access the most popular streaming content and includes the Quick Connect feature that enables easy connection with select mobile devices for an enjoyable second screen experience. Powered by an OctaCore processor, Tizen delivers enhanced performance, enhanced graphics and a bevy of brilliant new features.

Samsung Smart TVs bridge the gap between mobile and the living room by acting as a complete home entertainment hub that can be controlled by select Samsung Galaxy smartphones, offering wireless access to movies, and later this year photos, and music stored on other devices. With one press of a button, users can share any content from their select Samsung smartphone or tablet with their TV, while still browsing or chatting on their mobile device. This revolutionary mobile-to-TV convergence allows consumers easy and unparalleled access to an ever expanding content ecosystem.

UHD Content and Beyond
Samsung's commitment to deliver the ultimate home entertainment experience does not stop at the product level. Samsung is working towards a more robust UHD ecosystem, including more and wider access to UHD optimized content. As a founding member of the newly formed UHD Alliance, Samsung joins Hollywood studios, content distributors, other consumer electronics brands, post-production and video technology companies to help define, and set a standard to ensure consumers will have access to the very best premium UHD content through the very best playback device.

The 2015 Line
For 2015, Samsung brings the very best in picture quality and elegant design to its new line of TVs, unveiling four new series of Curved SUHD TVs and four new series of UHD TVs that will vary in display size from 40 inches to 88 inches. Ranging from the popular Curved form to the traditional flat panel, Samsung provides consumers the best offering of TVs that deliver a stunning and immersive home entertainment experience.

Samsung-JS9500-2.jpgSamsung's JS9500 Curved SUHD TV - Samsung's JS9500 delivers new levels of color richness and picture quality thanks to Samsung's proprietary nanocrystal technology and full array local-dimming LED backlight, drawing viewers into a sensational picture that is crisp, vivid and true-to-life on a cutting-edge curved screen. The immersive feeling that the TV induces is amplified by Samsung's exclusive Auto Depth Enhancer, an algorithm that analyzes images across the display and automatically adjusts contrast for a greater sense of depth. Heightened levels of color are reached with Samsung's PurColor technology, which replicates natural color as filmmakers and content creators originally envisioned, expressing more detailed shades that produces a picture quality that is unmatched in the industry. The new series of Samsung curved screens also come with the One Connect Box, which houses the essential "brains" of the TV and enables consumers to easily switch out the box in order to stay up to date on the most current UHD standards, making this line the industry's only future-ready TVs. The Samsung JS9500 Curved SUHD TV Series starts at $6,499.99 and is available this month.

Samsung's JS9100 Curved SUHD TV - Offering vibrant color detail and enhanced picture crispness, the Samsung JS9100 delivers an unbelievably life-like home entertainment experience. Peak Illuminator Pro technology makes any content pop with increased LED illumination behind the brightest regions of the display, and with UHD upscaling users are able to enjoy full HD images in UHD level picture quality, providing a breathtakingly true-to-life viewing experience not dependent on source material. The Samsung JS9100 will be available from May in a 78" model for $9,999.99

Samsung's JS9000 Curved SUHD TV - Featuring an edge-lit LED panel, the JS9000 Curved SUHD TV introduces a life-like picture that boasts 64 times the color expression of conventional TVs and thanks to Samsung's proprietary nanocrystal technology a wider color range. Picture contrast and dimness are expertly managed with Samsung's Precision Black feature that expands darkness levels, and with the Peak Illuminator Pro feature, luminosity is boosted to create an overall experience that is both enchanting and immersive. Incorporating Samsung's new Smart TV platform, the JS9000 offers effortless access to content and seamless sharing thanks to how easily the TV syncs with other devices. Now, anyone can share content from their mobile device to a TV and vice versa with simply one touch of a button, allowing the ability to enjoy a multi-screen experience with any compatible devices. With its Shirring design, the JS9000 looks like a piece of moving art, and whether mounted on a wall or placed on a stand, the metal bezel creates a harmonious effect that will add to the visual appeal of any home. Samsung's JS9000 Curved SUHD TV is available now in a 48" model for $3,499.99, 55" model for $3,999.99, and 65" model for $4,999.99

Samsung's JS8500 SUHD TV (flat) - Samsung's JS8500 SUHD TV delivers astonishing realism and an immersive SUHD entertainment experience all in an elegantly designed display that changes the conventional notion of what a TV should look like. Featuring Samsung's Precision Black, which minimizes black loss and expands darkness levels, a greater sense of depth is achieved delivering an incredibly life-like picture. Incorporating Samsung's new Smart TV platform, the JS8500 delivers an incredibly integrated entertainment experience with an easy user interface that allows for seamless switching between your favorite applications, live broadcasts, and streaming video. Samsung's JS8500 SUHD TV is available now in a 55" model for $2,999.99 and 65" model for $3999.99.

Samsung's JU7500 Curved UHD TV - Introducing Samsung's JU7500 Curved UHD TV, an exceptionally engineered and beautifully designed TV that delivers an unbelievably true-to-life UHD quality picture thanks to proprietary technology. The JU7500 features Samsung's UHD upscaling technology, capable of converting any input source to crystal clear 4K UHD quality. The Samsung JU7500 Curved UHD TV will be available this spring in a 40" model for $1,399.99, 48" model for $1,599.99, 55" model for $1,999.99, 65" model for $2,999.99, and a 78" model for $5,999.99.

Samsung's JU7100 UHD TVs (flat) - Samsung's JU7100 UHD TV delivers amazing life-like UHD picture quality and is packed with incredible Smart TV features. With Samsung's exclusive Peak Illuminator and UHD Dimming, the Samsung JU7100 delivers the deepest blacks and brightest whites by automatically adjusting brightness producing a vivid picture experience. The Samsung JU7100 UHD TV will be available from April in a 40" model for $1,399.99, 50" model for $1499.99, 55" model for $1,799.99, 60" model for $2,499.99, 65" model for $2,999.99, and 75" model for $4,999.99.

Samsung's JU6700 Curved UHD TV - The Samsung JU6700 Curved UHD TV will draw viewers into the onscreen action like never before with 4K UHD resolution that features up to four times the crispness of Full HD. With PurColor technology, audiences are treated to a visually stunning display of accurate color and spectacular picture performance. The Samsung JU6700 will be available this spring in a 40" model for $949.99, 48" model for $1,149.99, 55" model for $1,499.99, and 65" model for $2,699.99.

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