Samsung Introduces 3D Streaming To Its Televisions

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Samsung_Explore_3D_app.gifTo meet the ever-growing demand for 3D content and immersive home entertainment, Samsung recently announced its beta version of the Explore 3D video app, available for free download from Samsung Apps, Samsung's HDTV app store.

Explore 3D will provide streaming 3D content to televisions via the Internet. In its current state, viewers can access 3D movie trailers for movies such as Shrek Forever After, Megamind, and How to Train Your Dragon directly on the television without the need for additional equipment. That means no need for a 3D Blu-ray player. More content will be made available through this app in the future.

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This is a smart move for several reasons. First of all, content. Content is king in new formats and 3D is sorely lacking in that department at the moment. Granted, the Explore 3D app isn't adding a great deal of content currently, but it is setting up a system that will allow Samsung to deliver a lot of 3D content quickly and conveniently.

Also, this allows Samsung to cut at least one element out of the 3D equation: a 3D-capable player. Instead, the television becomes the player. With all the expenses of 3D - glasses, the television, the player - this could entice people not wanting to spend the entire nest egg on the new home theater technology.

The drawbacks are that there is no word on the resolution of the content. Will this stream 1080p 3D? That would be pretty impressive. But it is hard to see Samsung choosing to stream standard definition stereoscopic content. That seems wrong for so many reasons. However, it is equally hard to believe that this streaming content will stream uncompressed surround sound, as that is virtually unheard of in the modern streaming landscape.

It is a good idea and it will be interesting to see how Samsung implements it.

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