Published On: August 29, 2023

Samsung Introduces Auracast for TVs and Buds2 Pro

Published On: August 29, 2023
Last Updated on: September 1, 2023
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Samsung Introduces Auracast for TVs and Buds2 Pro

Samsung introduces a new software update, expanding LE Audio capabilities and improving sound experience for Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung Smart TVs.

Samsung Introduces Auracast for TVs and Buds2 Pro

By Author: Nemanja Grbic
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Samsung Electronics has announced the release of a new software update that will enhance audio experiences for users of Galaxy Buds2 Pro and Samsung Smart TVs. The update introduces extended LE Audio capabilities, including the innovative Auracast broadcast audio technology, enabling users to enjoy rich and immersive sound transmission to nearby Bluetooth devices.

LE Audio, an advanced Bluetooth audio standard, goes beyond traditional audio enhancements, offering users a more complex and enriched sound experience. With LE Audio, users can not only enjoy superior sound quality but also share sound with others, creating a personalized and interactive audio environment. 

Samsung has been at the forefront of leveraging LE Audio-based features to enhance sound experiences across its range of devices. The introduction of 360 Audio Recording on Galaxy smartphones and improved latency on select Galaxy Book3 devices are just a few examples of Samsung's efforts to provide cutting-edge audio experiences.

Now, with the latest software update, Samsung takes connectivity to new heights by bringing Auracast broadcast audio technology to Galaxy Buds2 Pro and select Samsung Smart TVs, including the 2023 Neo QLED 8K and 2023 MICRO LED models. This update, scheduled to roll out from September onwards, allows users to connect multiple sets of Galaxy Buds2 Pro earphones to their TVs.

Previously, only two devices could be connected simultaneously, but with Auracast, users can now turn their TV into a shared radio station, broadcasting sound to multiple connected devices. This breakthrough opens up a multitude of possibilities, from assistive listening in theaters or lecture halls to sharing playlists during group activities or even facilitating multi-language support without the need for translation devices.

Junho Park, Vice President and Head of Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics, expressed his excitement about the new update, stating: 

As an innovator across a wide range of electronic devices — from smartphones to wearables, and from TVs to home appliances — we at Samsung are in a unique position to capitalize on delivering more seamless and extended experiences,” said Junho Park, VP and Head of Galaxy Ecosystem Product Planning Team, MX Business at Samsung Electronics. “LE Audio is a perfect example that shows our commitment to connected experiences across our entire library of devices, and how Samsung is introducing new capabilities and technologies that bring them all together.”

Users can expect more announcements from Samsung's connected experiences at the upcoming IFA event, taking place from September 1-5 in Berlin.

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