Published On: August 30, 2023

Samsung Launches 85-Inch Terrace TV with Neo QLED

Published On: August 30, 2023
Last Updated on: September 1, 2023
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Samsung Launches 85-Inch Terrace TV with Neo QLED

Elevating outdoor entertainment, Samsung unveils the 85-inch Terrace TV with Neo QLED and mini-LED backlighting.

Samsung Launches 85-Inch Terrace TV with Neo QLED

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Samsung has unveiled its latest addition to the Terrace outdoor TV series: an impressive 85-inch model designed to deliver outdoor entertainment on a grand scale. This new iteration represents the company's largest outdoor TV offering to date. A notable advancement accompanying this release is the incorporation of a "Neo QLED" display panel featuring a mini-LED backlight—a first for Samsung's outdoor TV range.

The introduction of mini-LED technology holds significance due to its ability to achieve impressive levels of brightness, a characteristic that aligns well with the Terrace TV's role as a "full sun" display. This designation indicates its suitability for outdoor installations where direct sunlight impacts the screen. 

To enhance this capability, Samsung has equipped the 85-inch Terrace TV with features such as an anti-glare coating and a Wide Viewing Angle screen to ensure optimal visibility even from off-center angles.

In a departure from previous models, the 85-inch Terrace TV boasts an IP56 rating, marking a new standard for the Terrace TV series. This rating guarantees the TV's year-round outdoor usability with robust protection against water and dust. The inclusion of a built-in HD Base-T receiver provides custom installers with the convenience of a single LAN cable connection, streamlining the link between HDMI sources and the TV.

Samsung 85-inch TV The Terrace Full Sun Neo QLED 4K LST9C

Like its indoor counterparts, the 85-inch Terrace supports HDR10+ high dynamic range technology and incorporates Samsung's Quantum Processor 4K for upscaling HD content to 4K resolution. Noteworthy is the Multiview feature, enabling the simultaneous display of multiple video sources onscreen. Furthermore, the inclusion of a SolarCell remote with an integrated solar panel ensures hassle-free battery-free charging.

A novel addition to the Samsung Terrace TV line is the Gaming Hub, a feature debuting in the 85-inch model. This innovation enables viewers to access a selection of over 3,000 games from cloud gaming platforms such as Xbox, Nvidia GeForce Now, Amazon Luna, and Utomik. The Gaming Hub also supports various third-party Bluetooth wireless controllers and initiates the TV's low input latency Auto Game Mode upon activation.

However, the 85-inch Terrace TV’s introduction comes with a substantial price tag of $19,999, positioning it firmly within the luxury market. While alternatives with lower price points exist, they often compromise on size and technical prowess. The Terrace TV aims to fill a specific niche by catering to individuals who prioritize both size and quality for their outdoor entertainment endeavors. 

The 85-inch Terrace TV is available for pre-order on Samsung's official website. For those who are looking for alternatives, check out our best deals on outdoor TVs and upgrade your outdoor entertainment space today.

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